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My Hero


Action / Comedy / Crime



A busboy who loves reading Manga comic books gives up his job to work for the Triad.

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Reviewed by dharbigt 5 /10

Enjoyable But Early Stephen Chow

Another movie featuring Stephen Chow's affable, lovable, but incompetent character, Sing. While this is obviously not the same Sing as in his other movies, the progress from bumbling bumpkin (or, in this case, simply a fool) to hero is similar to many of his other pictures.

I'm not sure if the director (Ka-Yan Leung) was holding Stephen Chow back, or whether he was just finding his comedic roots, but this movie shows only glimpses of what would later blossom into the persona that has, of late, begun to take even America by storm.

Still, there are plenty of good jokes and a good bit of well-choreographed action, and the story, while really just a vehicle for Chow's talent, isn't as predictable as some similar movies. Some of the gags in this feature are fresh and clever, but the music and the acting make it hard to take very seriously.

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