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Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging


Comedy / Drama / Romance



Angus the fluffy cat retains its dignity even in a crazy Eastbourne family, unlike them. Eldest daughter Georgia is completely besotted with 'Stiff Dylans' band hottie Robbie, who just moved in from London and helps run an organic groceries shop with his brother Tom, whom her best friend Jas has the hots for. Peter Dyer calls Georgia his best ever kissing-course pupil, but she ignores him and later the brothers' other classmate Dave the Laugh. Robbie was considering to dump haughty Lindsay, but reconsiders given the immature brat's apparent cruelty. Thus manipulative Georgia keeps changing her mind about a grand birthday party and her father's career opportunities as engineer in New Zealand, while mother seems to flirt with hunky interior decorator Jem.


Gurinder Chadha


Tommy Bastow
as Dave the Laugh
Alan Davies
as Bob Nicholson
Karen Taylor
as Connie Nicholson
Liam Hess
as Peter Dyer

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by metalli-chick 7 /10

Really great adaptation - I hope you enjoy it too.

My daughter and I went to see this film last night with great anticipation as we have read the books. I know that the director is great having seen her previous work and I was looking forward to seeing how she and her co-writer had adapted the books for screen.

First off it is based on the both 'Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging' and 'it's okay, I'm wearing really big knickers' there have been a few minor changes to make it work on film without Georgia sounding too whiny and to make the story flow better. It was a shame that we didn't get to meet Sven and his awesome flares, but he was there disco dancing in the background and Georgia fans will know him when they see him.

From the moment it started we were engaged, the cinema was packed and during Georgia's initial walk home we were howling with laughter and it just got better. (Did her feet move or did she glide?) The audience was a mixed bunch, a majority of teenage girls, a sprinkling of boys and a few of us "out of the stone age", I don't think that anybody disliked it. It got major reactions from all of the audience each finding humour in different places. There were a few sad ahhh's when there was a sad looking 'Dave the Laugh', some misty eyes during a serious dressing down and laughter at Mum ogling Jem - or was that just me! anyhoo - both my daughter (16) and I (38) would pay to see it again. We highly recommend it but take a tissue with you, if not for the tears of laughter but for those misty eyes that may sneak up on you.

It gives you a warm feeling to be reminded what romance and love is, both from a younger and older point of view. Although I did say to my daughter on the way home that you are not incomplete if you are don't have a partner, but it can be a great feeling when you are ready. But Georgia is written with a boyfriend goal in mind. Look out Sex God Georgia has a plan!

Reviewed by catchingfire18 7 /10

An enjoyable comedy

As a fan of the books I was expecting a lot from 'Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging' and although a lot of things from the books were included, a lot was changed or left out altogether, which at first I found slightly disappointing.

Having separated the film from the books and viewing the film just as it is, I thought this was a solid romantic comedy about a fourteen year old girl (Georgia Nicholson) going through all the ups and downs of being a teenager - boys, kissing, friends, fall-outs, family problems etc.

The lead character was portrayed well by Georgia Groome, who showed Georgia's many different sides from a self-obsessed drama queen to a caring and insightful young woman. Although the four young leads over acted at times, this helped to accentuate the drama of being a teenager.

'Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging' is aimed in particular at 12-16 year olds (although it's themes will appeal to females of all ages). That's not to say that males will not enjoy it, anyone who is or has been a fourteen year old can relate to the main character and her issues.

There are some very cheesy moments, and if you don't like clichéd and 'disney' type films then this isn't for you. However I think that for it's genre, 'Angus, Thongs...' has just the right mix of romance, laughter and also some very touching scenes between Georgia and her parents. Overall 'Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging' is a hilarious, light hearted film, which I thoroughly enjoyed!

Reviewed by ninjapirate93 1 /10

This makes the teen generation look pretty stupid.

I am a fifteen year old girl and I loathed this film.

The film begins with the main character, a teenage girl named Georgia (with the most annoying accent I have ever heard), happily walking down the street dressed as an olive. She arrives at a fancy-dress party and has to face the terrible humiliation of being the only one dressed as a food. How will Georgia cope? Will she do the most natural thing and take off the costume if she's that embarrassed about it and have a fun evening with her friends? No, of course not. That makes too much sense.

What she DOES do is storm over to her friends, demand why they aren't wearing costumes like hers as they agreed, then deems their excuses as inadequate and runs out of the place, knocking over drinks and plates of biscuits and people along the way. She then goes running through the streets, still dressed as a stuffed olive. Actually, that scene is the film's main highlight as it did almost change my look of disbelief to a weak smile for a second or two.

After arriving home and throwing a full on tantrum which involves stomping on her costume, ripping photos off the walls and throwing all her teddy-bears onto the floor, Georgia takes a deep breath and announces to the family that she's going to be 'more mature from now on'. Well, she's made a good start! Drinks all around! At school the next day, suddenly Georgia and her three school-mates are all best friends again. Obviously there was a major plot point when I wasn't looking. And during their lunch break, they notice two new guys strolling through the grounds. And 'it's boy-stalking time!' Yes, that's their dialogue. Okay, maybe teenagers talked like that in 1886, but come on, screenwriter. Get with the times.

They stalk the poor boys through a montage, taking notes and spying on them through a pair of binoculars (and even breaking out into an utterly ridiculous dance routine at the end). I half expected them to all tie their shoelaces every time the boys turned around. But this didn't happen, mainly because the boys didn't, not once, turn around, a fact that I find pretty amazing. How hard can four giggling-screeching-in-uniform-linking-arms-armed-with-binoculars schoolgirls be to spot? And so, obviously, Georgia gets to know the guy she's got her eye on (Robbie) and yes, obviously he already has a girlfriend. Georgia is heartbroken. I was mildly perturbed. I imagined what Georgia would tell the rest of her friends to be something like this: You know that handsome guy I talked to for eight seconds? Well, he has a girlfriend! I've never felt so BETRAYED! Anyway, Georgia tries to make him jealous by going out with another guy… (screenwriter's motto: 'originality is, like, so overrated') he finds out and makes her feel bad… (oh, the twists and turns!) etc, etc. You know the drill. It's only been done eight million times already.

So, after a lot of boring events laced with clichés that are too tiresome to think about, let alone write down, Georgia and her bestie, Jaz, split up and throw catty insults at each other during a netball game, the grand, dramatic finale when Georgia stomps on Jaz's foot. Oh, the horror.

The second-last sequence in the movie is a bit of a mystery to me because at the start of the film, Georgia was unpopular in her school, but suddenly, her night-club is packed with what looks like the entire population of her state, everyone cheering and throwing confetti like she's just handed out free flip-phones. And then Jaz comes up to her and hugs her as if nothing ever happened between them, forcing me to conclude that an entire chapter was cut out of the film for pace reasons. Either that, or I accidentally slept through it. Anyway, for reasons the film doesn't care to share, Georgia is now officially a hero. I have heard of the term 'suspension of disbelief' and actively engage in it with popcorn-fare such as the Indiana Jones films, and any line Orlando Bloom says, but this is going too far. Sorry movie, but no humans act like this. Not in any state, in any country, on any planet.

I thereby conclude that 'Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging' is the worst teenage film I have ever seen. Eye-clawingly bad.

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