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Quiet River


Drama / Thriller



When a recently divorced woman returns to the Appalachian mountains of her youth, she learns that her brilliant but troubled brother is implicated in an act of radical Eco-terrorism. As her own life falls apart, she works to uncover the dark truth at the heart of the matter -- and learns that blood is sometimes no thicker than water.

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Reviewed by joelashley-704-631621 2 /10

Slow and plodding, poor directing

The plot is mildly interesting, but simple. Perhaps too simple for the screenwriters to adequately explore and present. It's almost as if it was made up by the crew as they shot it. Disjointed in places; some sequential scenes didn't abut each other sensibly. Some scenes are poorly designed or lazily monitored, such as when the grandfather clock's chiming is left in the scene at the neighbor's house; if not kiboshed by the director at shooting, at least editing should've pointed it out later and instigated a reshoot. It totally interrupts and derails the dialogue between actresses Rebecca and Lauren.

Most annoying was the main character's stumbling dialogue. Too much of my time frittered away with the camera on Claire (actress Rebecca) and waiting for her to assemble a complete thought and put together a concise statement or question. Drove me nuts. Instead of her saying the obvious, we are left aching while her mind stalls for repeated eternities. I place more of this on the direction than on the actress, but it felt like both hold some responsibility... perhaps it's unfettered overacting, trying to demonstrate with the face what they thought was taught in acting class, but that should've simply been forthcoming with words.

Except for the fact that I've seen worse movies, I'd have given this only one star.

Reviewed by fmwongmd 6 /10

Head scratcher

Although the plot has some gaping holes the story is sufficiently interesting to keep you engaged.

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