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Momo: The Missouri Monster


Documentary / Drama / Horror



The hair-covered, three-toed monstrosity was said to have prowled the forests of "Star Hill" near Louisiana, Missouri during the summer of 1972 where it was seen by terrified citizens for weeks.


Seth Breedlove

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by arrakeensun 6 /10

Diverges from their usual format

"Small Town Monsters" is a great documentary series that freshly investigates popular and some obscure cryptid cases, focusing more on the people and folklore than on trying to prove or disprove the stories.

This edition, however, is not a great place to start. The crew makes it more of a mockumentary-style in the vein of MonsterQuest, with the usual narrator playing the part of the host of "Blackburn's Cryptid Casefiles", who claims to have tracked down a copy of a a cheesy 70s drive-in movie based on the Momo monster of Missouri (think Missourian Boggy Creek). Clips of the nonexistent film are interpolated with "Blackburn"'s host segments and genuine documentary coverage of the town and its people, who discuss the events. These last parts are more in line with what fans of the series would expect.

Overall a fun watch, but definitely different

Reviewed by claeyscemolo 6 /10

Others were better

Was excited for this to come out and I'm usually a big fan of their stuff but the set up/filming on this one was different.

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