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Is there room in Manhattan for a decent kid? Can a young woman see past a cad to true love? Paul, from rural upstate, comes to New York City for college. To keep his scholarship, he must study hard and do well. That makes him a loser to his partying roommates who connive to kick him out of their suite. He's assigned a room in an animal hospital. In class he meets Dora, a pretty coed who needs a job to pay for school, and who's the very young lover of their sarcastic and selfish lit professor. When Dora is slipped some drugs at a party, Paul nurses her back to health, and a friendship follows. For Paul, though, it's more than friendly feelings. Can they work things out for them to become a truly lucky couple?


Amy Heckerling


Jason Biggs
as Paul Tannek
Mena Suvari
as Dora Diamond
Greg Kinnear
as Edward Alcott

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cariart 8 /10

Charming Comedy is No 'Loser'!

Amy Heckerling's latest teen comedy, 'Loser', is an old-fashioned charmer where nice guys finish first, sweet girls end up making the right choices, and pushy 'users' get their just desserts! Perhaps nobility is passe in films today, but 'Loser' makes a great case for working class heroes who succeed by 'doing the right thing'.

Paul Tannek (Jason Biggs) is a farm boy who wins a scholarship to a college in New York City. Bright, awkward, and shy, and possessing the worst haircut since Adam Sandler's in 'Little Nicky', he accepts his family's celebration of his success with embarrassment, and a fear of failure, but his father (Dan Aykroyd, who is wonderful in his brief scenes) offers simple advice: "Listen to people, look them in the eye. Be a friend, and you'll succeed."

Cut to New York City (which has never looked more beautiful), and Paul's worst fears are coming true. His dress is ridiculed, his roommates are 'too cool' jerks who take advantage of him while dissing him, and his instructors, particularly Professor Alcott (Greg Kinnear, at his smarmiest!) snub him imperiously. Paul is lonely and frustrated, which makes a simple act of kindness by fellow student Dora Diamond (Mena Suvari, in her best performance, to date) take on special significance to him. Diamond is a kindred spirit, although she has been manipulated into believing Professor Alcott loves her, and has become his clandestine lover.

As both of their lives take downward turns (he gets thrown out of his dorm, she loses her waitress job), they develop a platonic friendship (he is far too much a gentleman to attempt to break up a relationship!), and the film becomes a game of guessing when these two terrific people will realize they belong together!

'Loser' features a lot of very funny cameos, by Andy Dick, David Spade, Andrea Martin, Colleen Camp, many others, and, to Heckerling's credit, these 'guests' never detract from the positive message of the film.

This makes a great date movie (particularly if your date loves kittens!), and is a 'feel-good' flick you can enjoy again and again! I loved it, and I think you will, too!

Reviewed by spazierganger 6 /10

Predictable, but still very entertaining

Yes, Loser is a very predictable film. Plotwise, it follows most other romantic comedy type movies. But still, there is enough here to make it stand out somewhat. Granted, being better than most teen romantic comedies isn't much of an accomplishment, but Loser is a good movie, even though I knew what was going to happen.

I thought Jason Biggs played his part as Paul very well. He had the loser-like goofiness that inspired quite a few laughs, but you could also tell how much the character loved Mena Suvari's character, Dora. Greg Kinnear is also very good as Professor Alcott, Dora's love interest at the beginning of the movie. When all is said and done, Paul comes out as a winner, not a Loser, because he realizes that you don't have to fit in with everyone else to be "cool." That's what really sets this movie apart from lots of other recent teen movies. It does have a point. Obviously, it's not extremely deep, and it won't change your life or anything, but it's still good, and it makes the movie very worthwhile.

I think that lots of people didn't like this movie because they were expecting something along the lines of American Pie, given that both Biggs and Suvari were in that. If you're looking for American Pie, you will not like Loser. Although billed as a comedy, there are some times when it's downright serious, especially further into the movie. If you want non-stop gross-out humor, Loser is not for you. If, however, you want to see a good romantic film, that's funny at times, but serious at other, just like real life, then I think you will enjoy Loser. Yes, the basic plot is quite familiar, but there's enough extra stuff to keep it interesting and make it stand out from the crowd of bad teen comedies that have been around lately.

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by amanda-my-lum 7 /10

If Only....

Why don't nice guys like that exist in real life? Or maybe they do and are just overshadowed by the nasty ones. Either way, it's a travesty.

I caught this movie on a late-night rerun, and it wasn't exactly what I expected. When I first saw Jason Biggs, I dreaded another 'American Pie'-type teen movie. My main complaint with the 'American Pie' series is that they rely a lot on crude, slapstick humour and placing their characters in wholly unrealistic situations to get a laugh.

Surprisingly, not so in 'Loser'. The humour was more subtle, nuanced, with no proverbial big red flashing signs saying "THIS IS A FUNNY PART, LAUGH HERE". It was more genuine, gentle and affective - yes I mean affective with an a. We laugh empathetically because we know what he's going through, not because he gets caught with his hand glued to his penis.

There are complaints that this movie is somewhat unrealistic, and I agree that the background characters (mainly Paul's dorm mates and the Professor) are pretty one-dimensional at times, but they're the support cast. They're just there to effect (yes, with an e) and support the storyline. Jason Biggs did pretty all right as the nice country boy lost in the nastiness of the city, and Mena Suvari's character complemented his nicely as the girl who makes all the wrong decisions, but is really trying to find her way. And besides, I think it's sad that this movie is considered to be unrealistic because the main character is so nice. Really shows what kind of world we live in if we consider niceness to be unrealistic.

Overall, it was enjoyable, not very complex... a movie you'd watch to wind down from a busy day, or on a rainy evening with nothing to do.

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