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Perfect High


Crime / Drama



Sweet suburban teen Amanda is introduced by her new friends to prescription drug-sharing, but the recreational fun soon leads her to a life-altering heroin addiction.


Vanessa Parise

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Reviewed by elly-62591 2 /10

Unrealistic Garbage

This movie is utterly ridiculous.

It fails on so many technical levels. Everything is shot in a flat, boring way. The structure is extremely shoddy. The characters are unrealistic, 2 dimensional and unbelievable. There is a romance between the main character (Amanda) and some other idiot who looks like a discount Harry Styles which comes out of nowhere, contributes nothing to the story, and is extremely insufferable. The acting is bad. But all of this would be excusable as long as the story was good. It's not. The absolute worst thing about this movie is the writing. At one point, one of the characters ODs on Heroin. Now, in theory, this would be an extremely emotional and tense scene. Unfortunately, because the scriptwriters had no idea what they were doing, the scene is laughable. Literally. I was watching this by myself, and I was sat there laughing like a lunatic.

Do not watch this unless you're drunk. Or high on heroin.

Reviewed by wes-connors 4 /10

Lifetime after School

Beautiful, mature-looking teenager Bella Thorne (as Amanda) suffers a knee injury in her high school dance group. She is put on pain medication. While recuperating, red-haired Ms. Thorne meets sexy brunette Daniela Bobadilla (as Riley) who prefers drugs to dance. The girls hit it off and go shopping. Thorne hopes she'll be noticed by wavy-haired Israel Broussard (as Carson Taft), who seems a little slow on the hook up. But he's promised to stick with another girlfriend through high school and college. We eventually have a pill-popping foursome, with Ms. Bobadilla's boyfriend Ross Butler (as Nate) rounding out the quartet. But, as all schoolchildren know, pain medication can lead to heroin addiction and death...

Even viewed as an update of the 1970s "After School Specials", "Perfect High" fails to convey realistic characters in realistic situations. It appears to be a warning and lesson for teenagers, about drugs. Despite receiving a "TV-14" rating, this TV Movie may be most appropriately viewed by that age or younger. They may find the main characters engaging. While attractive, they will likely bore most other viewers. There is one realistic character for writer Anne-Marie Hess, strangely. He is the younger brother Ryan Grantham (as Robbie), who seems like a typical high school teenager. He's so normal, it does make you wonder why everyone comes across as so stupid. But it's nice to stand out when you can.

**** Perfect High (2015-06-27) Vanessa Parise ~ Bella Thorne, Israel Broussard, Daniela Bobadilla, Ross Butler

Reviewed by ajholt-70574 10 /10

Fun movie that brings us through the process of serious addictions in a normal teenagers life

This movie is an excellent depiction of how real addiction can become , even in the most normal teenagers life. Addiction affects millions of young adults every year and the archaic view of it being an illness brought upon by poor decisions is becoming outdated. The reality is even the most normal person can fall down the wrong path through their peers or just bad circumstances; such as injuries and hardships. As long as the problem is caught early enough, any person can be saved from this devastating path. This movie while fun and light at times, has an incredibly serious under tone that progressively picks up as the movie goes on. I'd recommend this movie to anyone, especially people that may have trouble understanding how fast addiction can corrupt even the most pure of souls.

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