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KATE (Celeste Arias) is almost thirty, almost engaged, almost settled in her career as a writer-but is deeply dissatisfied. When Kate's best friend EM (Jennifer Allcott) returns from Paris with a surprising new lover in tow (Josh Helman), Kate and her boyfriend PETE (Grayson DeJesus) spend a weekend in upstate New York with the new couple. As Kate struggles with her suspicions about Em's new lover, dormant feelings about her own life arise, forcing her to decide whether to stay on her current life path or to burn it down and forge a new one.

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Reviewed by nowego 7 /10

Slow drama that builds and catches you unaware

This is a drama, a very slow building drama that should be thought of as that way right from the start, do not expect anything more than that. Give this a miss if you are looking for action and explosions, this is definitely not for you.

I think most people who enjoy drama movies have seen something like this before, but it is definitely not for everyone. My partner found it boring and stopped watching after 15 minutes.

Josh Helman, who I do not recognise from any movie I have seen, even though I have seen movies he has been in, does a brilliant job in this, far exceeded my expectations. The fact that he also directed and co-wrote this really shows he is talented.

Jennifer Allcott, Celeste Arias and Grayson DeJesus, also pretty much unknowns to me hold this movie together and make it worth watching.

7/10 for me though not a movie I would watch more than once.

Recommended if you like drama that requires concentration and a bit of deep thinking.

Reviewed by ScoobySnacks66 7 /10

Great little indie film about how we can get stuck with feelings about our past

I enjoyed reacting to the series of emotions Kate experiences throughout this 90 minute slow burner. Living a seemingly perfect life with a great boyfriend in Brooklyn, Kate's best friend returns from Europe with a new lover in tow. We quickly realize Kate is living in a state of unsettled confusion and we join her on her journey of reconciling her feelings about those closest to her. Will she move forward with a bright future or stay stuck rooted in the past?

Reviewed by weezerisntgood 9 /10


Truly a wonderful indie film about all kinds of love. To me it really shows the fluidity a friendship can have. A slow build that's so worth it.

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