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Two on a Guillotine


Horror / Mystery



The spitting image of her mother at that age, early twenty-something Cassie Duquesne never really knew her parents, Duke and Melinda Duquesne, having been sent to live with her aged maternal aunt in Wisconsin after Melinda abandoned the family when Cassie was an infant, Melinda's whereabouts since unknown. Twenty years ago, Duke and Melinda were at the top of the profession as a magician - The Great Duquesne - and his on-stage assistant respectively, they specializing in illusions of the macabre and gore. Cassie reenters the realm of her father's life when she returns to Los Angeles to attend his funeral, which is as theatrical as his life in that he vowed in his life to emerge from the dead. Beyond this issue, Cassie learns that she is the sole beneficiary of her father's $300,000 estate, with which those arguably closest to him, Buzz Sheridan and Dolly Bast, his longtime manager and housekeeper respectively, are outwardly all right in Duke's want to bring Cassie back, she who they ...


William Conrad


Connie Stevens
as Cassie / Melinda Duquesne
Dean Jones
as Val Henderson
Cesar Romero
as John Harley 'Duke' Duquesne
Parley Baer
as Jules 'Buzzy' Sheridan
Virginia Gregg
as Dolly Bast
Connie Gilchrist
as Ramona Ryerdon
John Hoyt
as Attorney Carl Vickers

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adriangr N/A

Rare oddity William Castle film that never was!

"Two On A Guillotine" looks for all the world like a WiIliam Castle spook epic, but it's not. Its actually a bit too mild to match up to one of Mr C's works, which is saying something. However if you are a fan of things like "House on Haunted Hill", you should enjoy this.

There's a very slim plot: perky Connie Stevens plays Cassie, called to the funeral and will-reading of her eccentric father who was a famous magician, although the two had been strangers for many years before his mysterious death. The will states that Cassie must spend 7 nights in her fathers mansion or lose the inheritance, which will instead to go two housekeepers. And as soon as she moves in spooky things start happening..will she be frightened into to leaving the house or clever enough to work out who is behind it?

Talk about the creakiest of old plots! There's really nothing in the plot to get excited about, although at least the script does not paint the characters as idiots - Cassie (and her protector/suitor) find out almost straight away that the spooky occurrences are being faked, so at least that's one plot twist out of the way. But who is doing it and why? Again, as I said, there's not much plot to go around and there are hardly any characters in the cast, so guessing the truth is not that hard.

However I still enjoyed the movie. It's nicely shot, in widescreen crisp black and white (well, mostly crisp, as focus goes off now and again), and the dialogue is entertaining. Soem shots are actually very stylish, and there's a pretty cool sequence set in a noisy nightclub that culminates in an embrace, which is set up very strangely, but I really liked how they did it. There's very little to actually scare you, although there is a bit of fun to be found in a couple of "body horror" effects (I'm trying not to reveal what they are!)

Curiously I've been seeking out kooky horror movies my whole life and had never even heard of this film until now (2014), which shows how hard to find it has been, Thankfully now released on the Warner Archive label, it;s a lovely looking print, and worth getting if you like not-too-serious 1960's chillers.

Reviewed by darklybrite 6 /10

Two on a Guillotine very effective horror

Like some others who've seen this film as children, I have fond memories of Two On a Guillotine when it played as a Friday night movie on network TV in the mid-1960s. The sight of a lifeless Cesar Romero being lowered into a grave in a glass coffin at the beginning sets the spooky tone for the rest of the story. His character, a famous magician, promised to one day perform his greatest feat of all by returning from the dead. His wife (identical to his daughter) died some years before when he botched the guillotine trick she was assisting with. Without giving anything away, a lot of the suspense is built on the anticipation of his re-materializing at any time, to the horror of his daughter. This is a movie which has many of the elements necessary for genuine horror. No spilled guts, no splatter. It works on a neater, more effective plane.

Reviewed by AlsExGal 8 /10

This scared the living daylights out of me as a kid

I don't understand the low rating on this film at all. Although I can understand why people would be skeptical about a horror film starring Connie Stevens and Walt Disney leading man Dean Jones, these two really click in this one. John Harley 'Duke' Duquesne (Cesar Romero) is a magician whose wife (Connie Stevens in a dual role as wife Melinda/daughter Cassie twenty years later) is part of the act. Daughter Cassie has been living with an aunt that does not approve of her show-business parents ever since her mother disappeared when she was two. Neither father nor mother have ever tried to contact her in all of these years, and then one day she is notified of her father's death and comes to the funeral.

Thus Cassie returns to L.A. first for the funeral and then to take up residence in her father's mansion for a week, which is a condition of his will in which he promises to rise from the grave within that time. If he does not, Cassie is free to move out and take possession of her inheritance. In the meantime, reporter Val Henderson (Dean Jones) has taken an interest in the story and in Cassie. Complicating matters is the fact that if Cassie for any reason leaves the mansion between midnight and dawn during these seven days then her former nursemaid and her father's long-time care-taker and her father's former agent get to split the fortune instead. Let me also mention that the fact that Duquesne retired from show business twenty years before has left the two indigent. So when Cassie starts hearing and seeing things in the wee hours, is this Duke back from the dead, is it the two secondary heirs trying to drive her out of the mansion, or something else entirely? Watch and find out.

The big creepy mansion is full of tricks and traps that somewhat presage the ending, and then there's the movie's score that is about the creepiest thing I've ever heard, aptly done by Max Steiner. Take it from me, this is no mediocre six star horror film.

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