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Eyes of the Dead


Action / Horror / Thriller



After a plague of zombies invades a family's once-peaceful hometown, the havoc they wreak is deadly. Eyes of the Dead is a zombie thriller that immerses the audience in a pulse-pounding, innovative survival experience. Relying heavily on practical special effects and a POV perspective, what you see on camera is what was filmed on that fateful day of the zombie invasion.

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by go2dean 1 /10

Terrible, Terrible, Terrible!

Don't get fooled by the trailer and the 6.5 rating. I almost purchased this movie but rented it instead. The acting was worse than amateurish, and the writing was beyond incoherent. This was a film that attempts to combine domestic drama, government conspiracy and a zombie apocalypse which was a failure on every count. AVOID THIS MOVIE LIKE THE PLAGUE! (no pun intended).

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 1 /10

I don't want to pretend

Eddie (Ben Samuels ) is depressed and depressing. They live outside of Doylestown, Pa. in a farm community that just got dusted by a drone. Bam! Flesh-eating zombies. Since it was caused by a chemical and not a virus I am not sure how it spreads from bites.

First person novels are okay. First person films suck. The entire film is seen through the eyes of Eddie (not Henry) as if someone decided a great way to make a feature-length film is to use a head cam. It is not. It is worse than a handheld camera, found footage films.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by sahlgoode 1 /10

Stop making movies...

....with the Blair Witch effect. It induces motion sickness. 10 minutes in I could see this wasn't going to let up. I stopped watching after that. You can have a great script, and a unique plot with marvelous actors doing their best work, I'm going to walk out if you use a hand held camera with images vibrating all over the screen.

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