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A Force of One


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller



A team of undercover narcotics agents is conducting an investigation when things mysteriously begin to go haywire. One by one, the squad is eliminated by an assassin. To help discover the identity of the karate killer, the police enlist the aid of karate champion Matt Logan.


Paul Aaron


Chuck Norris
as Matt Logan
Jennifer O'Neill
as Mandy Rust
Ron O'Neal
as Rollins
Eric Laneuville
as Charlie Logan

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 /10

Early Norris thriller playing a tough trainer , being packed with noisy action, tension and violence

Chuck Norris exciting vehicle with lots of action , thrills , suspense and spectacular kick-boxing fights . One time the Vietnam war is over , a Karate teacher named Matt Logan (Chuck Norris) keeps a new occupation as trainer , previous life as leader of a Vietnam commando named ¨The Black Tigers¨ (at his former film titled ¨Good guys wear black¨ by Ted Post) . A police lieutenant (Clu Gulager) attempts to resolve why his squad members (Jennifer O'Neill , Pepe Serna, Ron O'Neal, among others) are being mysteriously killed . Then Norris using his skills as fighter to help combat drug trafficking and discover as the undercover narcotic agents are being eliminated one-by-one .

This stirring picture is plenty of action-packed , excitement , tense and cheesy sub-plot to boot with wild stunts . The story displays a plethora of martial-arts struggles and especially Thailand fighting . The movie featured three members of the Norris family in acting roles , these were Aaron Norris , Mike Norris and Chuck Norris . Here Norris cleans up the nasty fighters by means of punches , kicks , bounds and leaps with fights certainly slick . Mediocre screenplay in spite of being written by Ernest Tidyman (French Connection , Shaft). It's violent , frenetic and hectic and not particularly literary but worthy entry in Kung-Fu genre , although runs out energy surprisingly early. Average Norris-thriller , exciting and tense at times with fine work from Clint Ritchie, James Withmore Jr and Clu Gulager as a brilliant chief named Dune . And , of course , Karate expert Chuck Norris who saves the day with lots of visceral violence , he's a nice wrestler who possesses incredible strength . The motion picture was regularly directed by Paul Aaron , in his second theatrical feature film and he replaced filmmaker Ted Post . The film belongs Norris's early period , as during the 70s when he made low-average budget as ¨Breaker,Breaker¨, ¨Slaughter in San Francisco ¨, after that , in the 80s and 90s he acted in better movies as ¨Code of silence¨, ¨Delta Force¨ , ¨Silent rage¨ ,¨Octagon¨ ,¨Forced vengeance¨, ¨Delta Force I,II¨ , ¨An eye for an eye¨ among others , with successful box office at cinemas and video-rentals . In the 90s and 2000s with exception of ¨Walker Texas Ranger¨, the Norris star had gone down . Action addicts will give this one a passing grade , all others need not apply . If you're a previous Norris fans , you'll like it but contains enough action and violence for enthusiasts of the Karate genre . This is a must see if you're a die-hard Chuck Norris fan .

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 6 /10

"They think karate was used on them".

I wouldn't mind one of those Matt Logan t-shirts you see his people wearing in the movie… well sadly you don't get one with the DVD. Oh well. After the box-office success of "Good Guys Wear Black", Chuck Norris would roll out another then another. "A Force of One" was one of those. These earlier films ("Good Guys Wear Black", "A Force of One" and "The Octagon") backed by American Cinema seemed to have the same style and formula; but while they did have thick, knotty plots (like something out of a crime/cop show), Chuck didn't entirely get much of a work out compared to some of his fun, over-the-top 80s work.

"A Force of One" is a decent, if not particularly igniting old-school Chuck Norris outing where he's confronting drugs with a karate chop/kick. A team of narcotics agents enlist the help of a martial arts expert Matt Logan, when some of their agents end up dead by a serial killer who uses karate. Hesitant to help at first, but soon Logan finds it personal --- revenge and honour.

There's some action; well staged too (like the climatic battle outside the ring), but a lot more time is spent in training (for his championship fight), lessons (for the narcotics agents), being a mentor figure and then trying to connect the dots on who might be the karate serial killer (with little surprise on the reveal). It's rather talky and consisting of the same patterns, but never was I bored. Norris is looking much more comfortable than say in his last role. He comes across genuine in his moods, having a sense of humour and of course delivers on what matters --- amazing martial arts and stunt work. Across from him is a headstrong Jennifer O'Neal. Also the cast features big players like Clu Gulager, Ron O'Neal, James Whitemore Jr. and Charles Cyphers. Paul Aaron's direction is competently tidy, drawing up some striking set-pieces accompanied by Dick Halligan's rhythmic music score of offbeat tempos.

Well made, but standard action/investigative fare.

Reviewed by HarryLags 7 /10

Undercover cops are killed one by one, and the police want karate champion Chuck Norris to help them out

Matt Logan (Chuck) is a Martial Arts expert who runs a Dojo, teaching children by day and fighting in the ring by night. His life is consumed by Karate, which is exactly why the San Diego police department seek out his expert counsel. It seems that a ruthless assassin is out on the streets, ruthlessly killing cops who get too close to the center of a drug operation.Soon Logan becomes personally involved and is searching for the killer himself.

A Force of One is pretty typical early Chuck: the pace is on the slow side but it does provide plenty of Chuck fights and the movie as a whole isn't bad.Then there's Bill "super foot" Wallace. You kind of know what to expect from someone nicknamed "super foot." Wallace is good at kicking. At acting, not so much.The action is good. Norris designed the fights himself, giving them a more authentic feel.

In all, A Force of One is a decent, harmless, and enjoyable-enough Chuck Norris film.

Overall 7 out of 10

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