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The Red Pony


Drama / Family / Western



In the coast range mountains on the western edge of the Salinas Valley is a ranch where Tom, a lad of about ten, longs for a pony. He lives with his mom, who was born there, her dad, a talkative pioneer who misses the old West, Tom's dad Fred Tiflin, who comes from the city and after years on the ranch doesn't feel at home there, and Billy, their trusted hand, a real cowboy. While Fred has to sort out whether he wants to stay a rancher and come to terms with his son being closer to Billy than to himself, Tom gets a pony and learns directly about responsibility and loss. What lessons can each learn, and are tragedy and hard choices all that life offers? Are laughter and joy anywhere?


Lewis Milestone


Myrna Loy
as Alice Tiflin
Robert Mitchum
as Billy Buck
Louis Calhern
as Grandfather
Shepperd Strudwick
as Mr. Fred Tiflin
Melinda Byron
as Jinx Ingals

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 8 /10

"Raised On Mare's Milk"

The Red Pony was an early novel of John Steinbeck dealing with memories of his childhood in the Salinas Valley in California. It was Republic's prestige film for 1949 away from the B westerns that were the company's bread and butter. Herbert J. Yates even had the good sense not to have wife Vera Hruba Ralston in it.

He probably spent half the studio budget signing as stars Myrna Loy who was free lancing and Robert Mitchum from RKO. In Mitchum's case it might have been a question of a favor or two owed to Howard Hughes. Both studios were B picture companies.

The story takes place like Steinbeck's other classic, East of Eden, during the years before American entry into World War I. The Tiflin family has recently moved on that ranch. For Myrna Loy it was a case of going back to her roots on both the screen and the film, in real life she grew up on a ranch in Montana. But her husband Sheppard Strudwick is a school teacher and a city kid and feels an outsider. Especially when their kid Peter Miles starts hanging around with ranch hand Robert Mitchum.

Anyway the lad is given a roan colored pony, a really good looking and smart animal as well. The pony and the boy take to each other and Miles follows Mitchum's instructions on care and feeding implicitly. He even teaches the pony some tricks one of which will innocently bring about the animal's ultimate demise and a Tiflin family crisis.

Though the Tiflins are quite a bit up the economic scale from the Baxters, The Red Pony is very similar in plot in a lot of respects to the Marjorie Keneston Rawlings classic, The Yearling. Both are nice family films in which the boy protagonists face crises involving their respective pets. They also have some disturbing scenes in them, young Peter Miles's scrape with some buzzards might give real little kids nightmares. I may have some myself tonight.

Still if you are willing to risk the bad dreams, The Red Pony is a fine family film that still holds up well after 59 years.

Reviewed by wforstchen 10 /10

Profoundly moving. . .should be shared as a family experience

Quite by accident I caught this great classic on television today and copied it, to share it later in the day with my teen age daughter, thrilled to have a copy of one of the rare movies that Aaron Copland did the soundtrack for, and having as well a distant memory of how beautifully touching this film was. I realize now, after watching it again, I had suppressed a highly traumatic scene when the young boy discovers his dead pony, and at that moment a very disturbing scene as he fights off the carrion birds. It is definitely not suitable for younger children and a bit of a shocker even now considering the movie was made in 1949.

But. . . and there is always a "but" for something like this. The movie is beautiful and elegant. Aaron Copland's soundtrack is lyrical, so rich with its "sense" of Americana. Every performance, from the grandfather, now out of place in time (and darn what moving eloquence when in this setting around 1900 he describes the "westerning" spirit of the America of his youth and now "we are old men, standing on the shore of an ocean, and there is no more west for us.") to as always the beauty of Myrna Loy in any role she plays.

The varying themes triggered a deep and heart felt conversation with my teenage daughter. Memories of my own aging father, remembering his youth and telling the same stories once too often (and oh how I wished I had listened with more love and respect), to the anguish of losing a beloved animal companion. . . My daughter and I cried together during that scene and talking about it afterwards. . .and even the deeper issue of what was America and how the "westerning" spirit shaped us.

This is a remarkable film, and definitely look beyond the exceptional cast to who was behind it, Copland for the music and Milestone directing. . .do not miss it, and if your children are in their teens, definitely share it with them as well. . .and be ready for some heart felt conversation afterwards. Sharing this tonight with my daughter was a true blessing.

Wm. Forstchen

Reviewed by kyle_furr 8 /10

great film

This was written by John Steinbeck who also wrote The Grapes Of Wrath and Tortilla Flat. It's about a young boy living on a farm with his parents, grandfather and a hired hand. He isn't too close to his father but gets along better with the hired hand, played by Robert Mitchum. Myrna Loy is the mother and the father is p***ed off at grandfather for always talking about his life. The dad gives the boy a pony for him to keep and the boy is more interested in the pony than school or anything else. One day, the pony gets out of the barn when it's raining and it gets really sick and they are not able to save it. This is a great film and it's unusual to see Robert Mitchum in this kind of role.

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