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Turner Risk


Drama / Thriller



Turner Risk, a longtime victim of bullying, decides one day to clear out all the negatives and effectively reboot his world. As his deadly plan becomes clear, his only friend, Robbie Cruz, jobless and struggling to make ends meet, teams up with his new companion Seth and high school nemesis Conner to stop Turner. But first they have to find him - which begins their longest journey together: a day of sudden tragedies and, ultimately, of unexpected revelations. A story of the paralleled impacts of bullying and friendship, Turner Risk pits innocents against the unexpected challenges that life ultimately brings us all.


Michael Dailey

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Reviewed by ops-52535 9 /10

if youre in for a cruel surprise, then have a try at this one but be mentally fit.

In general ive got no affection to killer movies, but there are exceptions, and turner risk is one of them.its a teenage crime drama, where you follow a developing story in about real time, like a reality show, where the cast delivers and the score beats the your heart out and the direction and plot build up are among the best ive seen ...

becaue this is one of the most crueling impressingly uncomfortable killspree movies ive seen for a long time, and its all so very easy and plausibel, and the worst is that in a worst case scenario you can actually feel symphaty for the snapper, because its a story about bullying and unfortunate childhood experiences that drives this story. so if you want to meet the gold coast strangler then have a look at this.

the grumy old man have had some emotionally moving moments through the years picking movies by chance, and this one is real cruel and hits you like a hammer, if you live through the first 10 mins it will devour you.its highly recommended

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