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A college prank at an abandoned house accidentally awakens a frightening spirit.


Robert Kurtzman

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Reviewed by impossiblehim 1 /10

Dimension Extreme???..........without the extreme!!

Why am i even wasting minutes of my life writing this after already wasting over an hour of it watching this rubbish. Being a lover of all things gory and slashy i was excited to see this after reading about it in Fangoria(yes it's still going!!)...but alas i was hugely disappointed....and that's putting it mildly. I won't bore you with any of the story because quite frankly it doesn't really have one...in fact the plot is so thin that i found myself actually staring through the t.v and longing for the storyline to kick in.....i got to the end and it never did kick in.

Apart from the lack of a story..this film has terrible acting.....the two main guys are by far the worst and the leading lady isn't up to much either. What this film does have is pointless female nudity that seems to be there for no aparant reason except to give the director some nubile young bodies to leer over....i actually found myself feeling sorry for the two girls forced to strip at every opportunity...i bet after shooting they felt dead inside....but kudos to 'the cow' and 'the dog' for being the only half decent characters in this mess....even 'that guy from Saw' seemed ashamed to be in it. Another major criticism is for the 'effects'...oh my god....i've often rewound a 'death scene' because of it's coolness but very rarely is it to say..."did they actually just do that....did they actually just insult every person who will ever watch this film by allowing that scene to be included?"....some of the deaths are so badly done that it's hard to imagine they were in a film released this century..absolutely no care or detail...just stupid cgi fake looking kills that are over in the blink of an eye...i was left jawdropped....but not in a good way. Which begs the question why this film carries the Dimension Extreme tag....if 'extreme' stands for extremely devoid of any actually horror then it's suitably fitting....maybe the 'extreme' comes for the porno-like aspect to the ways the girls are paraded. Shame on you Dimension....we've come to expect better.

Reviewed by danthewrestlingmanorigin 3 /10

I Didn't Know what To Expect, But Didn't Expect It to Be Boring

Robert Kurtzman is a seasoned horror vet, no one can deny that. However he made a truly terrible film in this case. The new Dimension Extreme label has gotten off to a hot start with the excellent Black Sheep and Broken. In addition you have a good director and the always at the top of his game Tobin Bell in the cast. Who by the way the way does have a decent amount of screen time, as some have said it's just a cameo. Now if you look at my past reviews you can tell I'm a generous critic who makes an effort to highlight the strengths' of a film, but thats really a difficult task here. For one the film is quite boring. The cast is annoying with the exception of Tobin. They didn't make me laugh and they certainly didn't make me care about there fates'. Most of all Buried Alive goes a good thirty or forty minutes before anything scary or gory happens, and then you have another long wait to the end. Your just stuck with the lame interaction of the characters lounging about, really not doing much. Tobin Bell is the only bright spot here. Now a couple things barely save this from a one rating, and thats a few much welcome moments of nudity, and maybe two kills done much better in Wrong Turn 2. Still it's so awfully boring for so long that I was actually just looking at the back of the DVD case for the running time, to see how long my misery would last. As an easy to please critic I give Buried Alive a "very" generous 3 rating. Kurtzman's other new film The Rage actually looks quite good, so I'll forgive this effort.

Reviewed by Shattered_Wake 4 /10

Some entertainment value, but not enough to make it worth it.

Synopsis: A group of college kids at an abandoned house pull a prank that sets loose a murderous ghost.

Review: There's something strange, these days and in the past, that often happens to stars of major horror films. After their success, even if their fame is not at an end, they will star in random paycheck movies simply because they're asked, regardless of the quality of the film. Buried Alive is that paycheck for Saw-series star Tobin Bell (Jigsaw). When it comes to a straight-to-video slasher film like this (especially one marketed by the usually trustworthy Dimension Extreme), there are certain things horror fans have come to expect: Heavy gore, attractive women (who, most often, take off their clothes), and, at the very least, some entertainment. Unfortunately, even on as 'unrated,' the film does not deliver on the blood & guts. There is some violence, but not enough, and the result of the violence doesn't have enough splatter. The women are attractive, so they did deliver to us the eye candy. And, as far as entertainment and enjoyment go, well. . . it varied. At some points, the film is a good time and worth a few laughs. Other times, however, the film turns into a bit of a slow-drag bore (especially during the sorority stuff). From the plot to the effects, there's nothing here that hasn't been seen dozens of times before, so if you're in need of some predictability with a bit of enjoyability, you might want to check this out. . . but, you can do a whole lot better.

Final verdict: 4/10.


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