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A Thousand Miles Behind





A man struggling with grief sets off across California on a solo motorcycle trip.


Nathan Wetherington

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Reviewed by M0v1eMan 10 /10

Powerful movie...I'm still thinking about it months later

This film is deeply moving and stays with you long after it's over. I admit, it's not what I expected when I entered the theater at the Good Grain Film Festival, but, then again, I didn't do any research on it before taking my seat. I'm glad I didn't, because I may not have gone, and then I would have missed out on an amazing experience. The movie deals with one man's painful journey through grief, and it does a great job of drawing the viewer into the rawness and emotion of the struggle, sometimes uncomfortably so. The movie's not light, it's not a romance, and it's not an action movie, but it is brilliantly acted and beautifully shot. More importantly, it left me with a much better understanding of grief and grieving people...and the difficulty of moving through it. All that said, the movie isn't depressing. There's a sense of hope that pervades the film, growing brighter as the road trip progresses. I REALLY liked this movie, as did the other viewers in the theater. Listening to their comments and discussions following the screening, I'm confident that A Thousand Miles Behind struck a similar, impactful chord in all who watched it. I wasn't surprised that it won Best Feature Film . See it for yourself! You'll be glad you did.

Reviewed by FilmF1nder 10 /10

Stick with this movie-it's worth it!

It took me a while to acclimate to this film. Initially, I felt impatient with its slow pace and long periods of silence, but when the soundtrack finally started playing, I realized that the director had been preparing me to fully engage in a heart-wrenching, yet hopeful journey of grief. From that point on, I was hooked. The mesmerizing scenery, incredible acting, and meaningful storyline had a deep impact on me. I won't soon forget this beautiful film.

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