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Two Heads Creek


Comedy / Horror



After the death of their adoptive mother, a shy butcher and his drama queen twin sister leave the UK and adventure to Australia in search of their biological mother, but the local townsfolk of Two Heads Creek are hiding a dark secret: the pair must reconcile their differences to fight for their lives in this playfully dark comedy-horror.


Jesse O'Brien

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Reviewed by dazzaler44 4 /10

Quite disappointed

You know you're in trouble when you see a movie at your local cinema on opening weekend and you're the only patron in the theatre. This movie does try it's best being a horror/comedy but it fails (and I LOVE those types of movies). The ideas are there but the acting is that hammy and the film reminded me of Welcome To Woop Woop (where the film tried so hard to be offensive to be funny). There were a few good laughs but that acting was dreadful I sort of felt ripped off paying $14 to see it.

Reviewed by glenaobrien 8 /10

Hilarious Aussie horror comedy with a message

Two Heads Creek is a witty, hilarious take on Ocker culture and Australia's immigration policy that employs an outsider's point of view (courtesy of Jordan Waller's intelligently observed screenplay) to show us ourselves as we would perhaps rather not be seen. The second feature for director Jesse O'Brien and director of photography Samuel Baulch after 2016's arty science fiction epic Arrowhead, it ramps up to an even higher standard of film craft and further confirms that these two film makers are a team to watch.

Jordan Waller and Kathryn Wilder give sparkling performances in the lead roles as twins who travel to outback Queensland to reconnect with their long lost birth mother (played with a wicked turn by Kerrie Armstrong). They discover that the town has developed a taste for human flesh and are involved in a conspiracy with the Department of Immigration to supply them with a food chain of migrants. 'Don't stop the boats! Send em here so we can eat their brains!' In league with their long lost mum and sister Daisy (played with a touchingly wide-eyed innocence by Madelaine Nunn) they team up to overthrow the system in a gloriously bloodthirsty final act. In addition to those already mentioned there's a top notch ensemble cast including such Aussie luminaries as Gary Sweet, Helen Dallimore, and Kevin Harrington to add to the mayhem. Gregory J Fryer as Indigenous bus driver Apari provides the much needed perspective that all of us white fellas, recent migrants or not, are 'bloody foreigners.' Special mention also to Stephen Hunter as immigration officer, Clive, David Adlam as twisted tank top wearing Eric and the legendary Don Bridges as pommy hater Uncle Morris.

The soundtrack is studded with Aussie rock classics with a heavy dose of early 60s Normie Rowe. The musical centrepiece is an hilarious hard rock arrangement of Skyhooks' Horror Movie courtesy of composer Ryan Elliot Stevens that showcases Helen Dallimore's vocal chops and provides the setting for the climactic battle sequence with a cornucopia of hilarious dismemberments so OTT that they evoke more laughs than horror.

The whip smart writing and comedic timing make Two Heads Creek an hilarious crowd pleaser. Certainly the audience at the Monsterfest premiere responded with great enthusiasm to the laughs, the gore and the incisive social commentary. Destined for an initially limited general release, if it comes to a screen near you, please get out to see what could well become an Aussie comedy classic. You won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by jjvolturno 6 /10


Saw this at Monsterfest, nice locations and good for a low budget Aussie laugh. Definitely won't be some peoples piece of cake but the filmmakers did a good job. The social aspects were a bit on the nose at times but overall good.

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