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The Duel at Silver Creek


Action / Adventure / Drama / Romance / Western



A gang of claim jumpers is infesting the territory, gaining ownership of undermanned mining operations through extortion...and leaving no live witnesses. But one victim, quick-drawing gambler Luke Cromwell, escapes. Meanwhille, Marshal Lightnin' Tyrone is also after the gang; recovering from one raid, he meets femme fatale Opal Lacy, who may not be healthy for him to know. When Luke, now calling himself the Silver Kid, joins forces with Marshal Tyrone, the gang had better watch out ...unless something drives a wedge between the new allies.


Don Siegel


Audie Murphy
as Luke Cromwell (The Silver Kid)
Faith Domergue
as Opal Lacy
Stephen McNally
as Marshal Lightning Tyrone
Susan Cabot
as Jane 'Dusty' Fargo
Gerald Mohr
as Rod Lacy
Eugene Iglesias
as Johnny Sombrero
James Anderson
as Rat Face Blake (as Kyle James)

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hitchcockthelegend 7 /10

Besides, how to handle a six-gun and poker is all I know.

The Duel at Silver Creek is directed by Don Siegel and co-written by Gerald Drayson Adams and Joseph Hoffman. It stars Audie Murphy, Stephen McNally, Faith Domergue, Susan Cabot and Gerald Mohr. It's a Technicolor production with Irving Glassberg the cinematographer. The music is scored by Hans J. Salter (director Joseph Gershenson) and location for the shoot was spread over four California locations; Ranches Ray Corrigan, Janss Conejo, Iverson and at Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park.

A gang of crooks are murdering miners for their gold claims. Luke Cromwell (Murphy) loses his father to the gang and quickly reinvents himself as a gambling gunslinger known as The Silver Kid. Down in Silver City, Marshal Lightning Tyrone (McNally) is determined to bring to justice the claim jumping murderers. But he has a problem, his trigger finger is inoperative after he was shot, thus he can't let the bad guys know he is no longer "Lightning" on the trigger. After witnessing some of The Silver Kid's handy work, Tyrone hires him as a deputy to watch his back as he sets about weeding out the bad in Silver City. Luke is only too happy to help, he wants vengeance for his father's murder. But two ladies in town are to have a big impact on both of their lives, the question is if both men can finally achieve their goals without further loss of life.

Brisk,colourful and highly entertaining Western fare for the undemanding matinée crowd. Forget all hopes of depth and intricate characterisations and expect an action packed shoot em' up instead. Siegel would go on to much bigger things and leave a lasting mark in cinema, here he makes a standard screenplay ping with excitement whilst getting spirited performances out of the cast. One look at the character names gives you a clue to what sort of Western this is: The Silver Kid, Lightning Tyrone, Opal Lacy, Johnny Sombrero, Rat Face Blake, Pop Muzik, Tinhorn Burgess (Lee Marvin in his first credited big screen outing) & Jane Dusty Fargo. Wonderful. Throw in some lovely scenery, Domergue's explosive costumes and the nice pairing of McNally & Murphy, and it's a film that's hard to dislike. Hey! It even comes with a film noir like narration as well.

Don't dwell too long on the dialogue and simplicity of it all, just enjoy it for what it is. Good fun. 7/10

Reviewed by Tweekums 7 /10

The female of the species is more deadly than the male...

This might not be a very long film but it packs plenty of action into its seventy seven minutes! The story opens with an introduction about how a group of claim jumpers are forcing miners to sign over their claims before murdering them. Their latest attack leaves one man dead but his son Luke survives and manages to shoot three of them before his horse is shot from under him. We don't see him again for a little while as the action moves to Silver City where Marshal 'Lightning' Tyrone is setting off with a posse to arrest the claim jumpers; unfortunately he gets shot and wounded. He is taken to the nearest army camp to recuperate and while he is there a survivor of a jumper raid is brought in; this could be their best lead yet but he is murdered by a woman who claimed to have nursing skills. Lightning might be quick on the draw but he doesn't spot that Opal Lacy is a killer; in fact he falls for her almost straight away. When he gets back to Silver City he finds that his elderly deputy has been murdered. He suspects one Johnny Sombrero but Opal's brother gives him an alibi and points the finger out a newcomer called 'The Silver Kid'; The Kid is none other than Luke and the marshal trusts him enough to make him his deputy. The two of them work together to catch the jumpers but their relationship is strained to breaking point when Luke questions the marshal's unquestioning support for Opal.

I was surprised just how much I enjoyed this early Don Siegel film; it shows he knew how to direct action well before his more famous later films even though here he had to work with in the strict rules of the Hayes Code. Audie Murphy was pretty good as Luke 'The Silver Kid' Cromwell as was Stephen McNally who played Marshal 'Lightning' Tyrone; a part at least as important as Murphy's; I can only assume he got lower billing because he was less well known at the time. It wasn't just an actor's film; Actresses Faith Domergue and Susan Cabot did good jobs as the devious Opal Lacy, who is cahoots with the man running the claim jumpers, and the feisty 'Dusty' Fargo respectively. While this isn't a classic it passed an hour and a half (including adverts) when it was on television and even though it is full of action and shooting there is little to make it unsuitable for younger viewers too.

Reviewed by amerh 8 /10

Fun fast paced western pastiche, with colorful characters and brisk action

Don Siegel directed a delightful, fast paced, fun western, with tongue firmly in cheek. Audie Murphy isn't half bad as the poker-loving "Silver Kid", dressed in black leather. Featured are several unique characters like "Johnny Sombrero", who wears extravagant clothes, combs his hair up,and of course puts on a large sombrero. The script makes fun of all the western clichés, camping it up while moving the story briskly. Faith Domergue is alluringly devious and mean as the bad girl and love interest. Lee Marvin has a small but remarkable role, and sports a big mustache.

I like the way the straight hero is played for a fool until the end, and his poker playing sidekick gets all the action and glory. Siegel, as usual, excels with the action scenes, but this is not a thriller per say, more a fast paced action romp very similar in style to "The Big Steal", which Siegel directed before this film. I really enjoyed it.

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