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American high school sweethearts, Wade and Lisa, travel Down Under to experience nature at its finest. But their vacation gets off to a rocky start when Lisa rejects Wade's marriage proposal on the flight over. As their relationship strains, they head inland to Uluru (Ayres Rock). On remote dirt roads, their GPS plays-up and they find themselves stranded and ill- prepared. With only each other to rely on, the two are driven to extremes in order to stay alive in the harsh and unforgiving Australian Outback.


Mike Green


Lauren Lofberg
as Lisa Sachs
Taylor Wiese
as Wade Kelly
Brendan Donoghue
as Keith Coopers
Kym Cramp
as Cattle Musterer

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zebedee-60265 1 /10

Dumb & Dumber conquer the outback (AKA Urine the Outback)

2 imbeciles follow their sat nav off road into the middle of nowhere. They then leave their car, which still worked and had fuel, left the dirt road and walked into the bush and got completely lost. The rest of the film centres around drinking lots of urine. They also have a working smart phone and make silly emotional selfie videos but never think to check the GPS or Google maps. Dumber dies cause the idiot drank winshield wipper fluid thinking was water , and Dumb survives by drinking Dumbers urine, how sweet!!

Reviewed by TxMike N/A

Any place can be deadly, if you are not prepared.

First off ignore all the "10" reviews, they are bogus, made by brand new accounts to inflate the rating. Also ignore all the "1" reviews, they too are bogus, this movie is not that bad. The remaining votes cluster around "5" or "6" which is an actual indication of the worth of this movie. Don't expect too much other than an interesting story and you'll have a good viewing experience.

There is a fine 1971 movie called "Walkabout" starring a young Jenny Agutter. The starting situation in that movie is different but the story is similar, two unprepared siblings find themselves stranded in the Australian outback and they have to learn to survive.

This current movie, "Outback", plays on that same theme, but the two people are a young couple. Anyone who likes a survival movie will find this a worthwhile viewing. Plus the marvelous scenery of the Australian Outback.

Reviewed by TopDawgCritic 5 /10

Too long of a slow burn with lots of filler and little substance.

Novice director and writer Mike Green makes his full length feature film debut with Outback, his resume having preceded only a handful of short films - of which this one probably should've been.

It's an 86 minute long slow paced true story about some relationship arguments and tons of walking - I mean tons, in the constantly same barren setting of the Australian Outback, adding a few critters here and there. The two leads didn't help much in elevating any of the films suspense - of what little there was. Taylor Wiese as Wade was pretty much bland and monotonic, and unconvincing when the dramatics began, and Lauren Lofberg as Lisa was annoying right from the start. Any chemistry between them seemed forced and fake. It's not like they're inexperienced actors, but it sure seemed like this was their first ever role. I'm sure it was mostly Green's inexperience on how to direct his cast.

The cinematography was decent, and I really enjoyed the soundtrack, and although the score was fitting for the most part, it was obnoxious when the dramatics began. This story was very repetitive and uninteresting to be a full length film, unless some Hollywood dramatics were added. I respect Green's decision to keep it accurate, but it should've been a short film, or at best a 1 hour long TV film - considering the lack of available substance that needed lots of filler to reach its runtime.

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