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Ghost Dad


Comedy / Family / Fantasy



Elliot Hopper, a widower with three children, is currently working on a deal. His late wife's illness was very expensive and this deal could bring them out of the red. But he gets into a cab that the maniac driver crashes, and the next thing he realizes is that he's floating around and landing in the lab of a scientist who studies the paranormal. He asks the scientist to send him back so he can finish the deal and make sure his children will be taken care of when he's gone for good.


Sidney Poitier


Bill Cosby
as Elliot Hopper
Kimberly Russell
as Diane Hopper
Salim Grant
as Daniel Hopper
Ian Bannen
as Sir Edith Moser
Barry Corbin
as Mr. Emery Collins

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Meifumado N/A

The HOLY GRAIL of Supernatural Comedies

After the colossal artistic and commercial triumph of Leonard: Part 6, "The Cos" decided to make his next film a more organic, "Art-House" picture and proves once again that he has the cinematic midas touch. In a premise that might seem silly in other hands, Cosby and director Sidney Portier deftly weave a tightly knit tapestry of familial melodrama and undead hijinks. The lush cinematography lends a documentary feel to the proceedings, a much needed dose of gritty reality which helps immeasurably when dealing with the afterlife. Cosby's bravura performance is both ferocious and demure in equal measure, but always REAL. Also, the underlying message of fatherly responsibility seems remarkably apt in these times of the "Baby Boy" syndrome. An often overlooked masterpiece in the Cosby canon, Ghost Dad is without a doubt a labour of love from one of the cinemas greatest pioneers.

Reviewed by Ian-100 2 /10

Face-pulling pointlessness with Bill Cosby

If one were to hear of a movie concerning the antics of a dead Bill Cosby trying to help his children, the cineast in you would not be stirred to see/rent it. However, I still managed to be unpleasantly surprised by the gall of this movie. Each turn around the seemingly aimless plot reveals fresh idiocy. Every moment of Cosby's acting seems an excuse for a new stupid face to pull, though even these become horrendous. One is left with an over-riding feeling of disbelief, after having been asked to suspend exactly that from new levels for the duration of the picture. I suppose really odd Dana Ashcroft fanatics may wish to see this. But this movie is for children. Stupid children.

Reviewed by sideburnsandbarley 10 /10

The Cos' finest hour.

If you haven't seen this movie see it. Bill Cosby unsuccessfully tries to balance work and family, when he suddenly dies in a horrible car crash. He is then whisked away to HELL, AKA London, England, where a man named Edith trains him in being a ghost. Now Cosby must raise his kids as a Ghost Dad. The movie is insane. Cosby flies through walls, Pops out of a phone to strangle his daughter's boyfriend, declares himself Satan, and goes to his female neighbor's house for a little "afternoon delight". I've seen it 40 times. Why wasn't this masterpiece mentioned when director Poitier received the lifetime achievement award. "Edith is a Girl's Name!"

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