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Action / Thriller



A teenager's weekend at a lake house with her father takes a turn for the worse when a group of convicts wreaks havoc on their lives.


Cary Murnion

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Reviewed by cristinasoulmates 7 /10

What a fantastic gory thriller.

* There is no end credit scene *

The directors Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion plus crew brought a fantastic gory thriller. Even though the movie was so easy to predict what it thrilled me was the way the main character was going to achieve what had to be done. The story is about a group of convicts that wants an object in a lake house, stumbling in the lives of a father trying to reconnect with his daughter, and there lies the problem with the plot because the object is revealed but what it opens remained mysterious. Maybe they wanted it to be different due to many movies having more or less the same concept of a family being held hostage because the antagonists want something from inside the house. It was a great idea to make it such an object though they failed to give it more explanation, it would have been great if they are thinking of a sequel. If one could steer away from that as I did, one can really enjoy the movie, I felt completely entertain by the way she takes matters in her own hands and my gosh how I loved the intensity of the gore. The theme is very strong of how death can change a person and given a situation one can never know what they are truly capable of.

The composer Nima Fakhrara kept the movie in its peak of suspense, what a depth it had and it felt like it was transforming the female lead actor.

The cast performance was great, well Kevin James has been stuck playing comedy roles and I was glad to see him in this kind of movie but he had room to improve on projecting a more frightening character. Now the latest scream queen Lulu Wilson, oh my how she rose in every single role now she becomes a badass. This movie is worth the watch due to the music and the breathtaking performance of Lulu Wilson, even though it wasn't meant to be I really want a sequel.

Reviewed by pietclausen 7 /10

Bad ass Becky with resilience

There are many films made along the same theme, but this one entertains. Becky has a bad attitude and is a resentful thirteen year old adolescent girl. These habits become her assets in an hour of need when she stubbornly becomes very resourceful and solves various problems that are put in her way.

An enjoyable, thrilling movie to watch!

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 8 /10

The Aggression Scale part two. Brutal n fast paced. 8/10.

This is another home invasion thriller, brutal, gory n fast paced. This time the family which gets attacked is a stubborn girl n her father n her soon to be step mom n step bro. As usual, the home is secluded n there r no nearby neighbors. The family is attacked by escaped neo nazi convicts. The young girl gave a lovely performance but it was surprising to see Kevin James in a very different role. The film managed to keep me glued to know the secret of the key but..... A sequel shud be made about the key n Lulu getting special training n recruitment.

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