The disappearance of the leading actor from the film's set worries its director Andrzej. He embarks on a journey to look out for the actor with a young actor and missing actor's wife and mistress.

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Reviewed by miroskal N/A

Great for viewers initiated in Polish Cinema of 60's

I totally agree with Denis888. I just want to add, for those who don't quite understand it, that actors and other movie makers here play themselves (look at credits). Do they play, or is this who they really are? That is the question. I think, they were too serious about the Stanislavsky's method. All of them were celebrities at that time, so many details of their life were a common knowledge in Poland, and as such were not explained in the movie. Also the person of the absent main character Zbigniew Cybulski one of the biggest stars of Polish cinema. His exploits were known very well to general public and were subject of widely spread gossip. He died crushed when trying to jump into moving train, exactly in the way shown in the initial scene of the movie. This scene still gives me goose bumps, 'cause I still remember hearing the tragic news from the radio. Showing this scene so soon after his death took a lot of courage, and was very controversial at that time. Unfortunately, just like majority of Polish movies, it is so much set in specific local Polish reality, and not very transparent to viewers who don't know much about Polish history, and current events, particularly those behind the scene.

I watched this film recently with my 27 y.o. son who currently studies film in college. He was impressed by general idea, camera work and other technical matters, but could not really grasp all the flavor and spice of the movie without extensive explanation of the background events and details about lives of main movie characters.

So, to really grasp it, you need to learn about Polish cinema milieu in 60's. If the behavior of few characters in this movie seems to be somewhat strange, remember that most of these people were survivors of the war were 20% of Polish population was killed, and after the war they were subjected to Stalinist terror. They did not have psychologist to treat their post-traumatic stress disorder. A lot of Wajda work is about people dealing with their demons and different forms adjustment to the new reality. This is one about filmmakers and actors.

Reviewed by nizike3 8 /10

Another Wadja great

Although perhaps not widely considered as one of Wadja's better films, it would be superb if it were the work of a lesser director. Aside from being interesting and unique look into the world behind the camera, this film is so much more. The personal nature of the film shines through and one cannot help but respect the thoughtful way in which Wadja created this homage to Zbigniew Cybulski. There are so many wonderful nuances in this film that it is difficult to relate or even absorb them all. One of the most prominent themes in the film that stood out was the blending of reality and fiction. Wadja seems to develop this theme throughout the film in relation to developing the characters and the reality in which they live. However, that's just my opinion and it's quite possible that I am grossly misinterpreting that aspect of the film. But that said, it's an amazing film and if you like Wadja's other work, it's a very slim possibility that you will not like this one. Unfortunately it's difficult to get a hold of, but if you have the opportunity to get it, I would recommend (for whatever that's worth) that you not pass it up.

Reviewed by eallemong 10 /10

Challenging, fascinating

I absolutely love this movie! It is not a straight, easy and predictable story. It is a multi layered story, with words unsaid and actions unfinished. Wajda forces a viewer to use her/his imagination and fill in the blanks.

I remember, when I saw this movie for the first time in Poland, I found it annoying. I was young then. Now, that I am a mature woman, living in the USA, and knowing two very different cultures of two different countries, I enjoy this movie. It is so different than all the other movies. For the same reason I love Kieslowski's "The Double Life of Veronique." Do not expect the "usual and ordinary" from this movie and you might love it too!

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