A former model (Lynn Lowry) forced into retirement due to her age exacts her revenge on young beautiful women in this horror thriller.


Debbie Rochon


Tiffany Shepis
as Debbie Lombardo
Lynn Lowry
as Ginny Reilly
Suzi Lorraine
as TV Show Host Suzi
Jayne Caswell
as Young Ginny Reilly
Lisa Dee
as Missy

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Reviewed by gothic-fiction 1 /10

Comments from people involved in the making of the movie.

I just watched this. I just finished this. Model Hunger is the worst movie I've seen all year. I like to try out a lot of the indie horrors, so trust me when I say, this movie has no comparison in 2019.

The plot is somewhat of a used idea, as seen in The Neon Demon, but with 0 execution, 0 camera work, no special effects, no logic and an abysmal ending. I rated it 1 cause there is nowhere lower to go. Stay away from it, but if you decide to perhaps give it a try, watch the trailer instead. You'll get your money's worth right there, paid in time of course.

Model Hunger 1/10, long time since I've rated a movie so low. Stay away, look away, run don't walk away.


Reviewed by nogodnomasters 4 /10

Sizi Secret's Sunday Specials

Ginny (Lynn Lowry) is a former model who retired because she got old and the world loves young women. So Ginny, in her bitterness kills and eats young girls. Tiffany Shepis plays a crazy lady that moved in next door.

This isn't the first horror film to rant about the facts of the industry. Linnea Quigley was in one a few years back, but didn't prattle on the entire film about it. She made her comment and moved on. The fact is this whole film was in praise of obese women and got really tiresome. It has cult appeal, but seriously, how long can one joke stretch? A lot of people loved the film because it was scream queen Debbie Rochon's directing debut. Started out good, got stuck in neutral. Not much character build-up. Hopefully she will have a better script to direct next time.

This film won numerous horror fest awards.

Guide: F-word. No sex. brief nudity (Kaylee Williams)

Reviewed by gavin6942 3 /10


Former pin-up model and actress Ginny (Lynn Lowry) had been cast aside by the heartless and exploitative modeling industry when she was a young woman due to her body type. Ginny didn't take rejection well and over the years developed into a revenge seeking, blood thirsty, broken woman.

Scott Hallam praises star Lynn Lowry, noting that she "literally has to serve up equal parts frail old woman, sexy temptress, good Samaritan, and bat-(expletive) crazy killer all while offering some really thought-provoking dialogue about what true beauty is and what type of beauty is valued by society. Lowry absolutely crushes it in every aspect of her character." Hallam is right, and those who are saying that Lowry has given one of the best performances of her career are correct.

Dave Dubrow, usually a champion of independent film, describes this one as "Muddy in theme, terrible in script, and inconsistent in performance, the movie failed to rise above the shoestring production quality." He also (correctly) points out the excessive profanity, shaky camera and often out-of-focus scenes. (By no means am I anti-profanity, but there were far more f-bombs than anyone could ever naturally use in one sentence.) I have to say that the camera was really what killed this film. The casting is great, the acting ranges between adequate and excellent (some actors were more invested than others), and the concept is clever. But everything just looks horrible – too bright, too dark, too jittery. When you have one of the goddesses of the silver screen, Tiffany Shepis, and you find a way to make her look unflattering, you know your camera is garbage.

Despite its shortcomings, the disc may be worth picking up if you're a fan of any of those involved. The special features alone are a good draw. The DVD from Wild Eye Releasing includes a feature-length commentary with director Debbie Rochon, deleted scenes, a Babette Bombshell short, Voltaire interview and much more.

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