WICKED WORLD is like nothing you have ever experienced. Grant Ekland (Barry J. Gillis) is a dirty cop, with a checkered past that endlessly haunts him. His woman is murdered by a serial killer named Harold (Eddie Platt) who slaughters countless numbers of humans in the city of Toronto, Canada, before finally being locked up and sent to a mental institution. Now many years later, Harold is set to be released back into society, and Ekland hopes for a final showdown with his arch enemy. Nightmares clash into a brand new reality, as Ekland faces a host of problems and obstacles that he himself must overcome, if he ever hopes to face the murderous serial killing madman, and set his own inner demons free.


Barry J. Gillis
as Grant Ekland
Patti Anne Crossman
as Killer's wife
Celia Felipe
as Troubled daughter of killer
Don Klees
as Police Chief
Judy Humbel
as Psychiatrist

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vincepawloski 2 /10

Came here from BOTW

Gotta be one of the most hilari-bad movies of all time. Legitimately funny how awful this movie is. But I'll give it a 2 for the unintended laughs

Reviewed by mamba_92 8 /10

Highly Recommend

Like many I have been a fan of THINGS for years and when I saw that another movie Barry J Gillis was involved in (written and directed in this case) was getting a re-release I was very excited.

I had never seen or heard of Wicked World until recently and since THINGS is so iconic and culty I was not sure what to expect from this mystery film. I'm happy to say it did not disappoint. This movie is truly one of a kind and no doubt has much of the same magic and creativity that made THINGS such a hit while at the same time shows a more mature and experienced filmmaker.

I've been showing cult horror movies to my girlfriend for years now and this has easily been one of her favorites. Wicked World will be in my library for years to come. I highly recommend this movie

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