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You Are the Apple of My Eye





In Japan in the early 2000s Kosuke Mizushima is a popular yet childish high school student living a comfortable life. He wants to start a relationship with his classmate, but she's a serious honors student.

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Reviewed by nakhaishakai 7 /10

Start Really Well, But Drags Out

These films need to be shorter as they try any man's patience, but this is not a bad film. It is just that at the beginning we get a whole number of different shots and angles of cuties' legs but then the romance ensues and ... goes nowhere. Watch it still.

Reviewed by quintjesco 7 /10

She Rocks An Exposed Thigh

Very pretty, sensous girl with a natural attitude to life and also super shapely.. LEGS!

A hottie

But the romance peters out so..

Reviewed by pacerhalo 7 /10

I fell in love

With the schoolgirl who rocks a miniskirt and shows off her thighs. What a babe (just grow your hair!)

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