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Point Blank


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller



Samuel Pierret (Gilles Lellouche) is a nurse who saves the wrong guy -- a thief (Roschdy Zem) whose henchmen take Samuel's pregnant wife (Elena Anaya) hostage to force him to spring their boss from the hospital. A race through the subways and streets of Paris ensues, and the body count rises. Can Samuel evade the cops and the criminal underground and deliver his beloved to safety?


Fred Cavayé


Gilles Lellouche
as Samuel Pierret
Roschdy Zem
as Hugo Sartet
Gérard Lanvin
as Commander Patrick Werner
Elena Anaya
as Nadia Pierret
Mireille Perrier
as Commander Catherine Fabre
Claire Pérot
as Captain Anaïs Susini
Moussa Maaskri
as Captain Vogel

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kingdom-krud 9 /10

Fast Fun Believable Action

Yup, Point Blank is a no lulls, come-atcha action movie made all the more believable by the nice plot and superior script. No superspy here, just an everyman caught up in the wrong place & time.

And yes, there are a few plot twists that I find a bit hard to swallow, but because the protagonist is so compelling & believable, I'll take them without looking back.

I credit the editing on this movie for keeping it surgically precise. There are no breaks or falters, Point Blank keeps building towards it's action climax.

9/10 - Highly Recommended.

Reviewed by Rockwell_Cronenberg 7 /10

Another exciting thriller from France.

This is how you make an action-packed thriller. Swift, brutal and void of any kind of silly subplots that give too much time to words when the characters should just be racing for their lives. They quickly establish the characters in a clean and effective way and then shock you by going right into the action. With a very nice 80 minute runtime the film breezes by without dragging for a moment and you really just get caught up in the exciting chaos of it all. There's definitely no reinventing the wheel here, but it stands up with Taken and Running Scared as one of the best action films to come out this past decade. It was exactly what I wanted.

There were some moments that really made me sit up in my chair just by how much of a gut punch they were; some things I definitely didn't see coming. Gilles Lellouche is a great leading man, capable of portraying both the everyman and the action star qualities of his character while still being completely believable when he has to portray the dramatic moments to keep you on his side and understanding of what he is fighting for. It's stylish as hell and is seriously just pushing it's foot to pavement for the entire running time. This is a real crowd-pleaser.

Reviewed by bobbobwhite N/A

Tight action thriller, no CGI , car chases or explosions

Outside of Hollywood, good and realistic action films can be successful without the Hollywood Big 3 of American action films.....CGI, car chases and boo-coo explosions. And, French films always deliver when mean, harsh, brutal and uncaring play the main roles. Great looking pregnant wife, Liam Neesom-resembling husband, despicable and brutal criminals uncaring about human values and life, and brutal dirty cops even less caring about human life made this one of my faves for the year so far.

Point Blank was a 100% serious film with great pacing and no smart-ass or comedic side tracks or poorly placed romance throw-ins as are so often stupidly done by Hollywood, plus it had plenty of the most terrifying and brutal behavior of human psychopathy to scare you silly. Other than a few timing errors where the director stayed with a few scenes longer than he should have for best effect, such as the one when the dirty cop was discovered, it was a well done seat-edge thriller to the end. And, yes, we all knew how it would end, as all those horrible experiences resulted in a typical ending.......good for the good guys and bad for the baddies.

How regular people in real life could ever have more or less normal lives after all that bloody terror and murder is beyond my understanding, but somehow these film characters seemed to be able to do it.

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