Set in a small rural town, two not-so-competent martial arts masters are rivals who work in the same building. The two masters compete over students as well as local beauty Yeon-Sil. While their rivalry rages, a third Master Kim, Kung Fu Kim Kwan-Jang arrives in their town and sets up shop in the same building. Their competition keep on rising again. Beside that, some thugs come to their town to make chaos and will reveal the past of one of the Kim master.


Park Seong gyun


Shin Hyun-joon
as Master Kim
Choi Sung-kook
as Master Kim
Kwon Oh-joong
as Master Kim
Oh Seung-hyun
as Yeon-Sil
Noh Joo-hyun
as President Park of Moorimgak
Jeong Jun-ha
as Nakamura
Lee Han-wi
as Triplet #1