Root Cause is a feature length documentary featuring opinions from doctors and dentists from around the world, that try to postulate the health effects of the root canal procedure. Root Cause is one man's personal journey of self-discovery and subsequent attempt to prove that a long accepted safe procedure might have health impacts.


Frazer Bailey


Ben Purser
as Frazer Bailey

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Reviewed by imdb-bot-265-262522 7 /10

Dentists are not infallible

I enjoyed the movie because it makes you think. I had a root canal and still ended up losing my tooth years later. Then I had two different dentists give me a bridge. The latest bridge is well made, but still fell out last year. I frequently have neck pain on the side of my neck with the bridge. So I'm going to have a 3d cone beam CT after watching this to see if I've got an Infection going on wherr my tooth use to reside. Perhaps I need the periodontal ligament taken out, Maybe it's out already. Who really knows what the dentist did. Movies like these empower people to think about their health in broader terms. Stop hating on information and calling everything you don't agree with misinformation!

Reviewed by dcsheats 10 /10

All the 1-star reviews sound like they were written by the same person

First, if pamelasmcelman checks back for an answer, you should google for "biological dentists," as they're more likely to be called. Also check the IAOMT website (should be easy to find with a search). But don't assume you'll automatically have a great dentist--ask lots of questions, ask for testimonials, and trust your gut. Try joining some Facebook groups. There's one that starts with "NICO" that's pretty good.

Those of us who have been on the Internet for at least a few months recognize the tone and vocabulary of these 1-star reviews, don't we? :) There are those who think if they yell loudly enough and insult the intelligence of others with playground epithets, we "stupid folks" will retreat whimpering into a dark closet and never be seen again. I really don't understand the motivation. Surely these reviewers are not all endodontists. I'm sure those folks have plenty of profitable work to keep them busy! Would someone go to the trouble of creating many accounts to post all these "reviews"? It sure sounds like it.

I haven't seen much substantiated criticism in all these reviews, but a lot of hot air. A few pokes at some dentists' histories...but anyone can say anything about anyone, can't they? Are all the dentists on the "other side" paragons? There was some tongue-in-cheek nonsense and wacky treatments mentioned in the documentary (from one man's experiences, which adds some color), but the really telling parts have been totally ignored by critics here. Many of the statistics in the movie came straight from mainstream dental or medical organizations. Experiments and studies were done properly and are easy to find documented.

The truth will eventually become mainstream, and people will look back in a few decades and laugh at the idea that anyone would believe a dead tooth could be safely left in the jaw, with no circulation or access by the immune system. Anyone can do their own research online or at the library and decide which sources and experts are credible. The shrillness of protest is just more evidence that a nerve has been touched. Pun intended. :)

And what on earth do the 1-star folks think the film is selling? I just watched it last night and I don't recall any products mentioned, website, or contact information. You're ridiculous!

To the filmmaker and Netflix, THANK YOU for making available information that has long been ignored and even suppressed. You are saving lives.

Reviewed by walkofitall 10 /10

DENTISTS who criticize this doc are WORRIED about THEIR MONEY, NOT about YOUR HEALTH!

BEST doc I've seen in my life. Eye opening. My case was very difficult. Removing my root canals was OMG, I feel like a new guy after that. It completely cured my cronic diseases.

The low rating on IMDB and other pages are very easy to understand if you know that Dentistry is a BIG INDUSTRY in all world, and DENTISTS who criticize this documentary are WORRIED about THEIR MONEY, NOT about YOUR HEALTH!

Make your own judgement by watching this and PLEASE support the creators of this movie. They save my life!

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