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V: The Final Battle


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi



The Battle begun in the Miniseries 'V' continues. The war is told from the view point of the resistance group based in Los Angeles, CA as they struggle to find weaknesses of the aliens they can exploit. In addition, not all the aliens feel their invasion was right, and also work to stop the war.

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Reviewed by Dar Star 8 /10

A cult classic

While other folks were knee-deep in Star Wars and Star Trek, this was the movie that mesmerized me. The world taken over by Alien Nazis, pretty inventive. Looking back, it is obvious that this is a very high quality production not the ordinary made for TV drivel. With a great concept and terrific acting by Marc Singer, Faye Grant, and Michael Ironside, interest is held throughout the full 10 hours. Except for the phony ending, the entire saga is great. Special effects were also state of the art then. When I compare the laser blasts in Star Wars with V FB, no contest. V rules. PLEASE PUT THIS ON DVD.

Reviewed by kairingler 10 /10

v vs the resistance

i think i loved this one just as much if not more than the first V movie, in this one you get to finally see Michael Ironside in action,, i love how he calls Mike,, "do gooder",, or gooder,, it's hilarious, he stole the show for me and he was only in last 2 episodes of the total 3 for the final battle.. yeah i like star wars and buck rogers,, but for a short series and a couple of movies,, V just rocked on all 8 cylinders for me,, Jane Badler , kicked butt as the alien commander,, Julie Parrish is gorgeous, especially in the conversion chamber in the spandex outfit,, Mike Donavan is so likable is our "hero" Willie, is a V,, but very cool and part of the 5th column, a group of V traitors helping the resistance,, scenes are set mostly all in Los Angeles. the battle scenes are fantastic, and this still rated in my opinion as one of the best TV movies ever made along with the first V.

Reviewed by Big Movie Fan N/A

Fantastic Conclusion To V:The Mini Series

V:The Final Battle is an exciting conclusion to the battle between the visitors and the resistance which started in the mini-series.

Things get really tense during this series as the war steps up a notch. The visitors are prepared to destroy the earth to further their aims whilst the resistance are preparing plans to rid the Earth of the aliens forever.

This series has everything-shocks, surprises, betrayals and plenty of action. As for the ending, wow!

If you liked the Mini-Series, you will love it's conclusion. Back in the late 80's I watched the entire Mini-Series and The Final Battle in one go with some friends-that's how great it was.

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