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Softness of Bodies





An American poet living in Berlin hopes to win a prestigious grant while dealing with her former relationships, a rival poet, and her own penchant for stealing things.


Jordan Blady


Dasha Nekrasova
as Charlotte Parks

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Reviewed by aruiz-938-451180 7 /10

Narcissistic Millenials

Well, what can I say. I enjoyed and also felt horrified at the same time while watching this movie. A perfect example as how materialistic some people can be and how they can have no shame, regret or even compassion for anyone but themselves.

Dasha Nekrasova plays Charlotte, an aspiring poet on a student visa in Germany. This young woman appears to want everything she likes and does not think twice of the consequences as she goes on her way to get them. It brings a shock to the viewer as to how cold she can be to the people around her and will bring horror as you see the lengths she will go without caring for anyone but herself.

i sure hope this is not a representation of the current state of mind of this younger generation.

If you enjoy movies that explore the extreme of a personality disorder you will not have wasted your time with this one.

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