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Malibu Rescue


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Family



Aspiring junior lifeguards compete against snobby local kids for bragging rights and the ultimate tower at Malibu Beach, Calif.


Savage Steve Holland

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Osceolalk 10 /10

Great Fun Movie!!! Lots of laughs!😂

I watched this movie, and I can't wait for the series. This is great for kids of all ages. There is absolutely no profanity, it's family friendly, and a fun show to watch. This is not a show for an adult want to be kid, so stop bashing our kid shows you childish adults. I'm glad to see some of our kids promoting positive values, and being good role models that our young people can follow. Parents if you're looking for a show that your kids can watch and get a good clean laugh from good clean jokes then Malibu Rescue is the show, and Series to watch. This is like a Baywatch for KIDS!!!

Reviewed by SleevedBiker 10 /10

Not as Bad as People claim

People are reviewing this movie as if it's a documentary or a movie for adults. Neither are the case. I will make this pretty simple, if you liked the old Nickelodeon movies such as Snow Day, then you'll like this. It's funny and stays away from the political agenda non-sense in a lot of netflix movies today. This is FAR from the worst thing on netflix. If you're looking for a comedy intended for KIDS, and enjoy the old NIckelodeon movies, then you'll enjoy this.

Reviewed by cpulido N/A

Cute and Perfect for Summer

Look, this isn't "Schindler's List." Don't expect cinematic, dramatic grandeur; this is light, sunny and sandy family-friendly fare that thoroughly thrilled our young ones and kept the adults sufficiently amused. Sometimes, especially as the weather warms for the summer months, that's really all any of us need.

If you can accept it as that, without expecting more from it than what it is, you will enjoy it.

Also enjoyable: seeing Steve Sanders back on the beach, especially those of Malibu, just like in those "Beverly Hills: 90210" days. Ziering plays the role well and feels like such a natural by the water. Watch it if for Ziering alone!

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