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Devil's Path


Drama / Thriller



In the early 90s, while searching for his missing brother in a remote gay cruising park, Noah (Stephen Twardokus) sets his sights on a handsome stranger (JD Scalzo). When Noah is viciously attacked, he and his new companion escape through the woods with two menacing thugs in hot pursuit. Lost and frightened, they begin to turn on each other and slowly unravel the truth of what's really going on around them. This moody, picturesque psychological thriller from first-time director Matthew Montgomery features unexpected twists and turns, and seamlessly blends sharp, opposing perspectives about sex and love with suspenseful set pieces filled with existential dread.


Matthew Montgomery

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Reviewed by kitablett 8 /10

Gripping Gay Themed Thriller

I hate to disagree with someone else's review, but, far from laughing at this movie, I felt quite depressed by the end of it. Sure, towards the end, the story becomes slightly far-fetched but I certainly wasn't bored with it and a brilliant directorial debut for Matthew Montgomery (whom I've always admired as an actor) with both the actors and the great and ominous atmosphere of the film, which is spot on. The actor who plays Noah seems somewhat older than the Patrick character, despite obvious plastic surgery, but both main actors give brilliant performances with their ambiguous characters (not knowing which of them is the bad guy or the good guy, which I found fascinating). It's always hard to write a story which has twists and turns without it being a little hard to believe and I think the screen play was a pretty good effort. Disappointed that sexy Steve Callahan only had a small role ,as the ranger, in it, but always great to see him in anything and, of course,a cameo from Montgomery himself.. Rather a unusual scenario actually, being set in a gay beat in the woods and, apart from the flaws in the mystery near the end, a really good and gripping film and highly recommended, as long as one isn't feeling depressed to begin with, don't miss it... .

Reviewed by ArcherAdam 6 /10

Not bad

An okay little thriller that is well shot, contains some pretty decent acting, and an interesting - if not totally original - plot.

Essentially a man with severe PTSD sets off into a popular cruising area in an attempt to find out what happened to his brother. There, he meets an asthmatic player who may have had something to do with the brother's disappearance.

The movie loses steam the closer it gets to the conclusion, which requires more suspension of disbelief than I'm able to give it. But the before part is far more interesting and entertaining than the resolution. It's almost as if the writer ran out of ideas for what to do with these two men, and simply decided to abruptly end it. Either that, or entire scenes were lost.

Even so, there is still a lot to like about the movie. The cinematography is interesting, the actors are better than you might expect (and do justice to two characters who are generally unlikable), and the dialogue rises above the popcorn you're used to seeing in movies like this.

I've complained for a long time that movies with gay themes are often bad. That tend to cover the same territory over and over again (HIV, coming out, homophobia, etc). So it's nice to see a film that tries something a little different, even when it doesn't always succeed.

Reviewed by mrcorry-49010 2 /10

Not great

The story is weak. The characters are weak. The premise is entirely unbelievable at best.

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