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Drama / Sport



Steve Landry, an aging boxer with more losses than wins, accepts to become a sparring partner for an emerging champion in a last-ditch attempt to stay relevant.


Samuel Jouy


Mathieu Kassovitz
as Steve Landry
Olivia Merilahti
as Marion Landry
Souleymane M'Baye
as Tarek M'Bareck
Billie Blain
as Aurore Landry
Tomy Leconte
as Oscar Landry

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by searchanddestroy-1 N/A

A fantastic tribute to losers

This film is for me a a sort of French FAT CITY. Remember the John Huston's movie from 1972, about losers in the fighting game and starring Stacy Keach. And a particular short scene in the beginning of both features can make you think about the link between the two movies; the sequence where the main lead urinate blood in the toilet. Yes that's a movie dedicated to those hundreds of shadow prize fighters who have sometimes dozens of defeats and nearly none victory in their honour list. A movie, this French one, so poignant, moving, cruel, painful. But certainly not totally hopeless. The tale of a tenth grade fighter who struggles to survive with his family and who accepts to serve as a sparring Partner. Terrific.

Reviewed by ditrij-jovanovic 10 /10

Film about the virtue

Although he is not good and talented boxer he is real fighter who is ready to deal with difficulties of life like real man. That is not just described in ring but in his relationship with his family, his honesty, and his virtue gets the best from all people around him. Also, boxing scenes are great and real also as music.

Reviewed by kosmasp 7 /10

Beaten by life

But still standing tall. This is not your flashy "Rocky" movie, something you should be aware from the start. And I'm not saying that one is better than the other. I'm just pointing out that you should not expect this to be a "winner" (or maybe it is?). Certain things are in the eye of the beholder. In this case you have a man who has failed more than once, but still keeps fighting and going on.

You could see that as a symbol or parabel connected to real life. Some may feel the movie is too slow. And that feeling is not "wrong". Like it or not, the movie gives you the silent moments. Gives you character moments and breathes quite a lot. Which is almost ironic when you thnk about the main character and his "breathing" or sometimes issues to catch a breath, especially while fighting or sparring.

Not for everyone as is evident by one reviewer here, but those who cherish it, will find a lot to love about this... almost a love letter to humans in general and their strong will - no matter how qualified or talented they are

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