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Fear, Inc.


Action / Comedy / Horror / Thriller



Fear, Inc. follows a company of degenerates who can be hired for a premium to bring your greatest fears to life. But when horror junkie Joe Foster's customized scare seemingly begins, he and his friends must decide if this company is there to scare them or make them pawns in their own sick game.


Vincent Masciale


Lucas Neff
as Joe Foster
Caitlin Stasey
as Lindsey Gains
Chris Marquette
as Ben Davidson
Stephanie Drake
as Ashleigh Davidson
Abigail Breslin
as Jennifer Adams

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Seth_Rogue_One 4 /10

Maybe if the lead character wasn't so annoying it would have been better

I don't really know what to say about this movie as there is not a whole lot to say.

It's a horror-comedy, packed with jokes that 99% of them fall flat to the ground as they aren't funny at all.

Our lead man is incredibly obnoxious and annoying and often ruins scenes that could have been somewhat suspenseful by cracking various jokes etc and being over-enthustiastic about everything.

There are some semi-clever homages to other horror films, the Saw one had a great set up but again slightly ruined by the lead character's personality.

But none of the cast really impresses if I'm gonna be honest, not even Chris Marquette whom I usually like. He's not bad per se, but it's a fairly ungrateful part he was given as the best friend of the douchebag in the lead.

So yeah can't say I liked it very much, it's directed by a guy called Vincient Masciale and although he didn't get it right this time I wouldn't write him off completely and he could quite possibly learn from the mistakes he did with this one.

Reviewed by stephenabell 2 /10

Not a horror: Not a Comedy: Not very Thrilling.

Not all independent films are good or worthy of cult status. This movie falls solidly into that category. It tries so hard, too hard, to be worthy of cult status, it's so evident it's trying; though, it just turns out to be very trying.

What you have is a sound premise a horror fan who has become desensitised to horror. He's such a fan he takes his girlfriend to haunted houses on Date Night and predicts when and where the scares are going to come while laughing continuously. The character is very annoying and rather humourless, if he was to resemble snot-girl from The Blair Witch Project then Lucas Neff does a fantastic job of creating a lead character you're just praying and hoping to be killed. If not, then his acting skills are lacking or the Director, Vincent Mascaile, had a warped vision for this movie.

So the writer Luke Barnett adds the element of Fear Inc. a company who, when hired, come to scare the proverbial crap out of you. This now lands in the "The Game"'s field of expertise, which actually gets a mention in the movie. If you're going to carry out a movie in the same magnitude of that film it should be just as good and as convoluted, however, it isn't

There are a lot of missed opportunities in this movie, which could have elevated it to at least watchable, if not enjoyable, and possibly to cult status, though a lot of work needed to be done to get to that destination.

Once you realise what Fear Inc. do, which is given away at the start and in a monologue before the scares even begin then the surprise and possibility of the situations being real plummet into the farcical. You can see the twists coming as the director and writer call their punches before they throw them. The film would have been stronger had the viewer not known Fear Inc.'s agenda. This would have led them to continually wonder if our hero's the victims were in any danger. It's pretty much impossible to create tension when you know nothing is at stake as it's all playacting.

Apart from Lucas Neff's character, all the other cast have believable and relatable characters, with the exception of Caitlin Stacey, who portrays Joe's girlfriend, Lindsey. Even though Stacey is one of the strongest actors in the line-up, I couldn't help but wonder why this strong woman was still attached to the waste-of-space Joe. There was no chemistry between them and this causes an imbalance in the plausibility of the movie; even more so when you learn it's her and his friends who have hired Fear Inc.

This movie is labeled as a Horror - it's not - a Comedy - it's not - a Thriller - it's not that thrilling, but this is as close to a decent description as any.

Should you watch this movie? No go and watch The Game, The Scream box set, The Saw box set, Deliverance, and Southern Comfort, which seems to be the movies this is roughly based on. All of which are better than this film... even the SAW series from III upwards.

Reviewed by Ducsoup 1 /10

Fear Inc.? More like Fear gone bankrupt.

You've already seen this movie. It's called The Game. Sure this is different. By different I mean not as good, less interesting, lower budget, bad acting and taking short cuts to twists that are extremely predictable and really really bad.

It is not funny. It is not scary. It is not suspenseful. It is not thrilling.

The satire fell flat on every front. I mean every front. It just went on and on and on with a great many awful attempts at satiric horror homages, and I mean awful. From the opening scene to the idiotic ending, Fear Inc. searched and searched for an identity that it never found and left me with a raised eyebrow asking myself "is that it?"

The main character actually wears a Freddy sweater throughout the entire movie. It was so sad.

Just do yourself a favor and pass up this movie in favor of a nice root canal or colonoscopy. You'll thank me.

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