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Murder, He Says


Comedy / Crime / Mystery



Trotter pollster Pete Marshall is trying to find a missing coworker. In a rural town he stumbles onto the roughian Fleagle family. Bert and Mert would just as soon "splatter" snoopers with their rifles. However, Ma Johnson focuses the family energies on finding cousin Bonnie Fleagle's $70,000 bank job stash, somewhere around the large old rickety house. Claire Matthews, the daughter of a man implicated in Bonnie's bank job, also comes in search of the money to try and clear her father's name. Marshall and Matthews team up to try and decode Grandma Fleagle's strange deathbed clue but with Mr. Johnson attempting to poison people and Bonnie Fleagle showing up herself after a prison escape, it's anybody's guess as to who will find the money first.


George Marshall


Fred MacMurray
as Pete Marshall
Helen Walker
as Claire Matthews
Marjorie Main
as Mamie Fleagle Smithers Johnson
Jean Heather
as Elany Fleagle
Porter Hall
as Mr. Johnson
Peter Whitney
as Mert and Bert Fleagle
Mabel Paige
as Grandma Fleagle

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by finedave53 N/A

I'm 52...

I'm 52, and, along with my younger sister and brother, saw this movie, when I was a kid. It remains one of the funniest movies I've ever seen, and I've seen an awful lot of movies. After seeing it the first time, and literally screaming and crying with laughter at much of it, my siblings and I would search the TV Guide as soon as the magazine arrived at our house hoping to find Murder He Says among the listings for the coming week. Once or twice a year, we would be beside ourselves with glee to find it. It was an absolute treat for us.

Many of its scenes are indelibly etched in my memory: Fred MacMurray with Grandma; the scene at the large, lazy-susan dinner table, with everyone trying to move the table one way or another to get the poisoned food away from them; the scenes in the basement toward the end of the movie, and, especially, the scene when Fred MacMurray is caught in the basement coal bin by Bonnie Fleagle (unquestionably, one of the funniest scenes in movie history.

It's a movie that is both frightening and extremely funny. Directed by George Marshall, who also directed several other favorites of mine: Destry Rides Again (Jimmy Stewart and Marlene Dietrich; a 1939 classic); Fancy Pants (Bob Hope) and The Mating Game (Tony Randall, Debbie Reynolds).

Yes, it's improbable and, I'll grant you, silly. It is also, IMHO (in my humble opinion) a great movie. Yes, there!!

Reviewed by drednm 10 /10

Fred MacMurray Is Hilarious

Fred MacMurray gives his funniest performance as a pollster who gets tangled up in the plots of maniacal hayseeds in search of stolen money.

The plot is beyond description with so many twists and turns it keeps you guessing. The pacing is brisk and the film is filled with slapstick, in-jokes, puns, and references to other films. This is a very modern, very black comedy, and it's totally hilarious.

MacMurray was always a smooth comedy leading man but here he's outright funny and loose. Helen Walker is also very good as one of the Bonnies. Marjorie Main is hysterical as she prowls around with her whip. Peter Whitney is excellent as the twins. Jean Heather has her best role. Porter Hall is always a treat. And Mabel Paige positively GLOWS as Grandma.

A must see film! And remember: honors flysis, income beezis!!

Reviewed by Roman11 9 /10

Pretty dammed funny!

So silly that's it's actually hilarious. Holds it's own thru the years. Fred McMurray is totally incredulous thru it all and Helen Walker is his beautiful counterpart. The mystery is good. And of course the topping on the cake is Marjorie Main with that whip! BTW Let's not forget Peter Whitney playing both twins. Super job. The whole cast deserves a good round of applause.

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