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Patty Hearst


Biography / Drama



The true story of Patricia Hearst, a rich girl who was abducted by American revolutionaries in the 1970s. The time spent with her captors made her question her way of life and she joined forces with the cause that her abductors were fighting for. This created a scandal in the US and since then Patty Hearst has become a pop culture fixture.


Paul Schrader


Natasha Richardson
as Patricia Hearst
Jodi Long
as Wendy Yoshimura

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mim-8 8 /10

Solid piece of film making

Paul Schrader is one of the most talented directors of so called "New Hollywood", and it's really strange that almost all the films he directed are poorly rated on IMDb. That refers to his most productive phase from 1978 to 1988, when he made crafty social dramas such as "Blue collar" and "Hardcore", stylistic look on rotten high class devouring the individual, such as "American gigolo", art house remake, such as "Cat people", and a true masterpiece, such as "Mishima - Life in four chapters". At the end of this period comes "Patty Hearst", a biography, or to be exact a segment in life of America's most famous hostage turned terrorist of the 70's. This subject, as interesting as it is, has a lot of pitfalls, for a film maker. Filming such a story may turn into an emotional travel down the road of ridiculousness, cemented in victim's distorted point of view. Not with craftsmen like Paul Schrader. He did this film just exactly as it should have been done, terrors of capture, mixed with bewilderment of being a hostage, turned into confusion and daze with one's captors, which is everything Patty Hearst went through in her months of captivity. Late Natasha Richardson's performance is indeed low key, but that's probably the way real Patty Hearst felt and behaved, after all the movie is based on her own book. Scenes of the first two weeks after the abduction, when all abductors appear as silhouettes in a doorway, and constant images of being shot and dumped in a ditch, perfectly show what was going through Patty Hearst's mind at the time. She was just 19 and like the opening of the movie said "ofcourse there's a little one can do to prepare for the unknown".

This film marked the end of Paul Schrader's directorial peak, but it's well done, well acted, character development and symbolism are in full use of the story, and it deserves a much higher rating than it has. If you're a fan of Schraders work, don't miss it, if not, well decide for yourself. Recommended!

Reviewed by triple8 7 /10

very good performances from Richardson and Rhames


The movie Patty Hurst was rather overlooked-more so then I thought judging From the very few comments on here. It was actually pretty well done as a movie. It's told from Hurst's perspective with Natasha Richardson playing Patty. This actress-Richardson- somehow always manages to give a flawless performance, here she is at her best. Ving Rhames whom I'm a major fan of Is also wonderful. Both of them give performances so absolutely academy award worthy, that alone is reason enough to see the movie.

This is a tough movie to sit through but I never found it a bit boring and the superb direction added to the movie I thought. The story itself really leaves one with as many questions as answers but how could it do anything else? This is a pretty dark, stark drama and I can't say I always found it enjoyable but it is tremendously absorbing to watch and features performers who crackle with intensity giving performances that are on par with many academy award winners. If one can handle the brutality of the movie, and is a fan of these performers, it is worth checking out.

Reviewed by VerhoHo N/A


I've watched this film quite a few times now, and frankly it just keeps getting better. Stylish and disturbing as only Paul Schrader can be, this film is also notable for its fantastic performances. Ving Rhames walks a paper-thin line between madness and parody. And of course there is the awesome William Forsythe who singlehandedly takes the film to another level. His performances are so astounding in general that they can even make Steven Segal (Out For Justice) watchable. This film served a respectable political purpose as well. Few people really understood what happened to Patty Hearst, especially if you were around to watch her be demonized by the media in the 70's. This film does a brilliant job of putting you in the shoes of a woman who lived through an unimaginable experience. (10/10)

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