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Romanian born Danielle (Giulia Nahmany) is living the dream in NYC working at Beguile magazine under urban-diva fashion editor Vivian (Jane Seymour). But when a coworker steals her idea and her boyfriend, Danielle can't help but speak her mind to Vivian and loses her job. Now on the fashion blacklist with no place to go, Danielle heads home to Romania and back to the farm in Transylvania. After the initial culture shock subsides, Danielle begins to find solace with her family and friends. She runs into a charming Brit named Adrian (David Oakes), in town on a business trip, and sparks fly as he helps her discover a passion she left behind; designing her own clothing line. Now with the help of a magazine pal, can Danielle and her Romanian theme clothing line make it at New York Fashion Week?


Michael Damian

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Reviewed by secretsister-50793 8 /10

Enjoyable Movie!

I really enjoyed this movie! For me, it rates right up there with the best Hallmark movies. It is a lovely story about romance, family, and friendship. I loved seeing the beautiful scenes in Romania. It brought back memories of my visit there and made me want to return. There are plenty of Romanian actors and the beautiful Romanian language was used as well. I loved how authentic it was. I enjoyed the fact that the females in the movie are strong, independent women, yet feminine. Casting Jane Seymour into the movie was a big plus too. Most actors here are unknown, but they did a fair job of acting with room for improvement. I think this was Guila's first movie production.... I hope to see more from her! I would have rated it a ten, but it was rather predictable, though not much more than most Hallmark movies.

Reviewed by jesustonsils 6 /10

Wish there was more Romanian...

It was a cheesy but cute film. I was really hoping that there would have been more traditional Romanian things than just making some dresses and the small amount of spoken Romanian. According to the credits it was filmed partly in Sighisoara, in central Transylvania. (and set in that region) I live in Sibiu, which is a larger culture city in central Transylvania and even here English is not widely spoken, especially by the elderly population. It's even less believable they speak fluent English on farms and in the markets in a smaller town like Sighisoara. I wish they would have had them speak more Romanian and use subtitles. It was annoying to me that as a Romanian who could "understand" what her grandfather was saying in Romanian, she never responded to him except to say "Da." (Yes) Also, I haven't found fish and chips at a restaurant here yet. 😂

Reviewed by doncodesigns 9 /10

enjoyable movies like this.Fun and entertaining movie

This movie was fantastic. The production the script, the story, the acting, and the cinematography work all outstanding. We need more enjoyable movies like this. I look for more work from this actor and scriptwriter because it was truly outstanding and remarkable. This is the type of movie that we should have more of not less. Jane Seymour and the entire cast were magnificent. I am so proud of this team that produced this movie. I sincerely hope they make more movies.. I suggest if you want a scenic movie with a great plot twist and outstanding actors, you take a look at this movie. You wil not be disappointed.

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