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Death Squad


Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller



The year is 2047. Our planet is ruled by the repressive Confederate Central Government (CCG). Ryan Willburn (Stephen Baldwin) is a Green War rebel Agent sent on a mission by Sponge (Danny Glover) to collect evidence against the CCG for its heinous crimes. Ryan soon faces the sinister Colonel Asimov (Rutger Hauer), Major Anderson (Daryl Hannah), and a group of mercenaries lead by Lobo (Michael Madsen). Ryan's mission quickly turns chaotic when he meets Tuag (Neva Leoni), a mutant survivor of the CCG rebellion who swears to help Ryan save what is left of their world - or does she?


Alessandro Capone


Rutger Hauer
as Colonel Asimov
Daryl Hannah
as Major Anderson
Stephen Baldwin
as Ryan Willburn
Kai Portman
as Evilenko

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bari-goddard-148-897919 1 /10

Beyond Tedious

Mind-numbingly boring film,the 'name actors' must have been paid a shed full of money to appear in this tedious drivel, there can be no other reason to perform in this 1/10 nonsense. There is not one redeeming feature, the plot is overused and has large gaps in continuity, camera-work is amateur and at best bland, everyone looks and acts bored. Script is beyond a joke - what a waste of so much talent on a vehicle that is this boring. Rutger Hauer etc should sack their agents for getting them involved in this, it was so embarrassing to watch I actually felt myself squirming as each ridiculous line was delivered and each plot gap widened by cutting to a scene which didn't follow on from the storyline, such as it were. Do not waste time or money watching this, you will regret it.

Reviewed by barosanescu 1 /10


Seriously? Never in my mind I thought that such a cast would play in what I call the worst movie of the year. Acting was horrible. Story was non existent.

What made Rutger, Glover and Madsen play in this catastrophe? I don't mention the other actors, since they are not really actors. Baldwins' performance was no better than his other movies. Hannah should have stopped at "Mermaid". Maybe a free trip to Italy was the motivation?

Boring and tasteless. The director should quit and retire, the script writer should get a job as a ... anything else but script writing. The editor should be a janitor.

A complete shame to the industry. 2047 makes any "B" movie look like an Oscar.

Reviewed by guyaintwright 1 /10

Futuristic action flick where rebels, played by Glover, Baldwin and Leoni, face off against gov't bad guys Hauer and Madsen.

The audience will find it tortuous trying to decipher the point of Glover and Baldwin's rebel 'mission'. The rebel opposition consists of a group of pseudo-military types led by Rutger Hauer. I'm not sure if the clownish attempt at acting like soldiers was due to the writers thinking it unnecessary to pay for technical consulting, or perhaps that really is how Italian soldiers work. Hauer appears in a state of constant obliviousness (which is reasonable, given the script). Thin plots don't really bother me as long as there is a little bit of good acting, a character to root for, or at least entertaining action scenes. This movie, having none of those things, is utterly unappealing and thoroughly boring. The script was completely incomprehensible. The actors never had a chance with this big steamy turd.

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