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27 Dresses


Action / Comedy / Romance



Two things about Jane: she never says no to her friends (she's been a bridesmaid 27 times and selflessly plans friends' weddings), and she's in love with her boss, George, nurturing dreams of a lovely, romantic wedding of her own. She meets Kevin, a cynical writer who finds her attractive, and that same week her flirtatious younger sister Tess comes to town. Jane silently watches George fall for Tess, a manipulative pretender. Worse, Jane may be called upon to plan their wedding. Meanwhile, Kevin tries to get Jane's attention and has an idea that may advance his career. Can Jane uncork her feelings?


Anne Fletcher


Katherine Heigl
as Jane Nichols
James Marsden
as Kevin Doyle
Malin Åkerman
as Tess Nichols
Brian Kerwin
as Hal Nichols

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hollywoodgirl-1 8 /10

Very cute

For many the plot of this movie feels formulaic and revisited. Jane (Katherine Heigl) is the people-pleaser of the century. A somewhat spineless nice girl who can't say no to anyone, she has been a bridesmaid 27 times, often exceeding her duties in every wedding. For all her romantic yearnings, she can't seem to hook her boss, George (Ed Burns) whom she has been in love with for years. When her self-centered little sister Tess (Malin Akerman) comes in and manages to snag George, Jane once again capitulates to everyone's needs but her own. In comes Kevin (James Marsden), a newspaper columnist stuck covering weddings who yearns to break out and write about more important things. Under the pretense of covering George and Tess's wedding, he really is writing about Jane and her perpetual bridesmaid stints. Complications ensue etc. etc.

For me, what really made this movie was the performances. Katherine Heigl did an absolutely fantastic job playing the woman that I'm sure everyone has felt like at one time. She brought a lot of spice to what could have been a one-note role. James Marsden is also pitch-perfect as the cynical reporter, a foil to Jane. It helps that they have good fight-and-kiss chemistry.

Also, for me the story line was not as tired and recycled as people made it out to be. It had some fresh spin and I really enjoyed it. I also preferred the ending to this movie to many chick-flick comedies which leave things open-ended and almost unrealistic. 27 Dresses wraps up all the plot lines in one neat sequence that is a truly worthy finale.

All in all, as far as romances and rom-coms go, this one shot to the top of my list.

Reviewed by yaadpyar 5 /10

Kinda Cute, but OMG - RIDICULOUS clichés

Pretty cute movie, pretty standard romcom premise, and Judy Greer is worth a watch any time. Katherine Heigel is likable, Judy Greer smart and funny, and James Marsden is charming, and everyone else serviceable. But the sloppy story-telling and needless gimmickry took away a lot of the fun. The story of the dresses was pretty amusing.

But....c'mon - Heigel as the sort of ugly duckling sister in love with a fantastic guy who is oblivious to her as anything other than his assistant? Hard to believe her in that role. And this 'great guy' of a boss of hers who has every wonderful quality a man can posses and then falls for the hot blonde chic (who happens to be his assistant's sister) as soon as he sees her? The plot did not follow the characters much. Also hard to see much chemistry between Heigel & Marsden - just no sparks that I could see.

And the ridiculous scene when Heigel realizes she loves Marsden and follows him onto a boat super-hero style and publicly declares her love? So pointless. He wasn't leaving the country...she could have just met him for dinner and talked with him. This over-the-top scene ruined any chance I had of any cinematic believability.

If you like cute, mostly mindless romcoms, this will not disappoint.

Reviewed by Chrysanthepop N/A

A Bridesmaid's Tale

Romantic comedies are almost always predictable and follow similar story lines. I wasn't very keen on watching '27 Dresses'. Let's just say it's not my kind of film. But it turned out to be not too bad. While it does not exactly rank among the best of its genre, it has its own charm and that's one of the few things that make a romantic comedy likable. While the story isn't new, McKeena's writing offers some new devices and the dialogues are quite funny. Fletcher's storytelling is quite impressive too as he introduces the characters and then lets the events unfold. The layered characters Jane and Kevin are very real. I also like it when the leads are played by good actors who have hardly attempted to do films romantic comedies in the past and they manage to pull it off. Heigl and Marsden have the required chemistry. Both actors do a fine job. Katherine Heigl brings out the depth of her character with ease, while James Marsden is funny without going over-the-top. The sizzling Malin Akerman does well as the obnoxious Tess. Edward Burns's role doesn't require much but he's okay. Judy Greer is brilliant and she owns all her scenes. So what makes '27 Dresses' watchable is the chemistry between the actors, the funny lines, the presentation of the story, a nice soundtrack and its unique charm and sense of humour and the fact that it didn't bore me.

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