Death Watch (2013) torrent download

Death Watch


Action / Drama / Mystery / Thriller



A terrorist plants several bombs throughout the city of Colombo, Sri Lanka and threatens to detonate them unless prisoners are released.


Chandran Rutnam


Ben Kingsley
as The Man
Patrick Rutnam
as IP Mohideen
Ashan Dias
as Akthul Majood
Mohamed Adamaly
as Chief Secretary
Kian O'Grady
as Sergeant Bernard
James Koch
as IP Ranjan

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by duvel123 2 /10

I love Ben Kingsley

Any movie with Ben Kingsley surely cant be as bad as reviews here said. Really, I love this guy. But after seeing "a common man", I stand corrected. Its even worse. The script is ridiculous, the dialog so bad its almost hilarious, the music is painfully bad, the acting absolute rubbish. I hate to say it, but even Kingsley is anything but impressive in this movie.

Throughout the movie I kept thinking there has to be a back-story to this. How did this thing ever get made and why oh why did Kingsley ever sign up for it?

I got to write a few more lines before I can submit this. But I have nothing else to say. Don't waste your time on this.

Reviewed by neilzao 8 /10

despite B movie prod. value, its a great effort, engaging and.....

Despite B movie prod. value, its a great effort, engaging and.....Ben Kingsley and Ben Cross. You'd have to dig hard into the 45+/- years of Ben Kingsley's career to find something not worth revisiting.

its refreshing to see suspense, well paced action/editing and performances in a movie that may unfortunately escape mainstream media's radar. too many times, big budget films prey upon the audience's desires for violence, T&A and the obvious, but this one didn't.

The movie has some flaws, we've seen similar themes (its a remake too) in other big releases, and again, the prod. value is flawed, particularly dubbing. My vote of 8 stars is generous, but attention should be drawn to A Common Man.

Maybe you predict the ending, maybe not.

I consider this a nice change of pace. In fact, after viewing the film, I visited IMDb, saw one review (more or less panning A Common Man), so i chose to offer my first review. I hope my opinion is helpful to you.

Reviewed by hoathjunaid 1 /10

This is a copy of movie "A Wednesday" which is an Hindi movie released in 2008 and 100 time better than this awful combination of production, direction, editing and acting.

The reason im rating this movie awful is that i have seen the original movie by which is in Hindi and was released in 2008. This is simply a English version of the movie "A Wednesday" which is one of the best movie's i have seen. The only reason i picked this movie to watch was because of Ben kingsley and i am very much disappointed and never expected such poor performance from him. I recommend everyone to watch "A Wednesday" with subtitile you maybe also find that on youtube.

This movie is awful in its every aspect either its the direction, production, editing, and above all the acting. When people copy something i would expect that to be a better version, improved one. This is just an awful movie and waste of time, i again recommend to watch the original movie "A Wednesday ".

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