A Good Marriage (2014) torrent download

A Good Marriage


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller



After 25 years of a good marriage, what will Darcy do once she discovers her husband's sinister secret?


Peter Askin


Stephen Lang
as Holt Ramsey
Cara Buono
as Betty Pike
Kristen Connolly
as Petra Anderson
Mike O'Malley
as Bill Gaines
Theo Stockman
as Donnie Anderson

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by michaelthom-72084 8 /10

I don't understand why so many low reviews

I read the story before I saw the movie and although there were some changes to the script that I thought were not improvements, I was still surprised to see the film was enjoyable and was a great psychological exploration of what a woman in that horrible dilemma might go through. The story is not about the horrors of serial killers or the supernatural horrors one might expect from King but its about the emotional horror of choosing to live with a secret of unimaginable bearing. I think that the reason many people think this is boring is because that idea went right over their heads. Watch the film amd read the story. Both are great!

Reviewed by billsorensen38 8 /10

Quite good adaptation of the Novella

i was surprised by all the negative reviews. But that may have to do with the name Stephen King and expectations that it will be a horror thriller. It's not. It's more a domestic drama with dark undertones, just like the novella he wrote. The acting was spot on. Joan Allen was perfect. So although it may not be worth paying to see in the theater, it's quite an interesting well made drama that can be enjoyed on the small screen at home. I agree with one reviewer who compared it to a well made Lifetime movie. But I like some Lifetime movies. So give it a try if you like those as well. But stay away if you are seeking out a blood soaked thriller.

Reviewed by amandamarie-1 5 /10

Like Cliff's Notes

This movie was not garbage but, it is probably worth skipping or waiting for Netflix. You know when someone tells you a story about something crazy that happened to them and they hit the high points to get to the point and, in the end it doesn't sound that exciting at all? Sure, you nod along because you see how that could be hard or they should be upset but you feel you missed something along the way. This movie hit the high points. The emotion didn't transfer. The story makes sense. The acting is decent and the story plays out the way the trailer leads you to believe it would. There are a few moments of confusion when Darcy (Joan Allen) starts to imagine what would happen if this secret were exposed but, in the end you figure what was and what wasn't and, just generally leave with a feeling of, okay well, it is what it is.

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