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A Night in Old Mexico


Action / Adventure / Drama / Western



Forced to give up his land and his only home, cantankerous Texas rancher Red Bovie isn't about to go quietly to the dismal trailer park that's all he can now afford, and instead goes off with his grandson Gally - son of his long-estranged son Jimmy - for one last wild and woolly adventure during a night in Old Mexico.


Emilio Aragón

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Reviewed by JustCuriosity 7 /10

Robert Duvall is Still a Star

A Night in Old Mexico was well-received in its North American Premiere at the SXSW Film Festival. Some of our great actors age poorly and take easy money making roles (such as Robert DeNiro in Last Vegas and the Meet the Parents series), but Robert Duvall is still doing some serious acting. In A Night in Old Mexico, he plays a character that is likely not that different from himself. He plays a crazy old Texan united with his wayward grandson and looking to have a last thrill ride in south of the border. In some ways, the role is reminiscent of Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman. The thrill ride takes a few unbelievable twists and turns, but it is still enjoyable to see how much spunk the old fellow still has. I'm not sure this will get much of a wide release, but if you have a chance check it out. Duvall remains a worthwhile entertaining old curmudgeon in old Mexico.

Reviewed by philipjheil 4 /10

Slow, Boring and Predictable

Let me start off by saying I love Robert Duvall, but this is not one of his better efforts (no fault of his, lousy writing and lousy co-stars). It's his typical "tough old guy" routine on steroids.

The movie starts slow and gets slower. From there it becomes boring and increasingly predictable.

I found myself fast forwarding to get to a point where there was something going on.....and then suddenly I was at the end, thank God.

Skip this one, and keep your love and appreciation of Mr Duvall intact!

Reviewed by indiedavid 4 /10

What did I just watch?

Robert Duvall is my favorite actor of all time but not even he could save this miserable script, poor directing and amateur cinematography. Other than Duvall, the other actors are worse than you would see in any high school play. The script is probably the worst I have ever seen produced. There are at least 30 scenes that were imitations from other, real films. Of course, they were very poorly executed. There were plot holes at every turn and others that just didn't make sense. I didn't bother to research but I cannot fathom how this train wreck got produced. I felt sorry for Duvall throughout the whole film. His performance was definitely not Oscar worthy and my mind drifted off, wondering if he has financial problems that would have led him to participate in this amateur endeavor. I have honestly seen much better productions from film schools.

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