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A Nightingale Falling


Action / Drama / History / War



Set in Ireland during the War of Independence, two sisters' lives are changed forever as they care for a wounded soldier in their home. What transpires in this historical period drama, is a tragic love story of an Anglo-Irish household and its inhabitants, caught in the crucible of deep dark secrets. Framed against a backdrop of a turbulent war-torn Ireland in the early1920's, May Collingwood is forced to make critical and difficult decisions when she rescues a British soldier and must now protect herself and sister Tilly. They live in fear of the British Black and Tans, the rising IRA, their own entrapment, and ultimately the dark secrets of un-requited love unfolding from within.


Garret Daly


Tara Breathnach
as May Collingwood
Muireann Bird
as Tilly Collingwood
Gerard McCarthy
as Captain Shearing
Brian Fortune
as Tom Nolan
Elliot Moriarty
as Jackie Nolan
Andy Kellegher
as Black & Tan

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by m_imdb-112-372934 9 /10

A very enjoyable film, the photography and score were amazing

I give it a 9 as it deserves a great rating. Nothing really deserves a 10. The cast were well chosen for their rolls so were all convincing, there was no musha begorra accents so the whole thing came across very real. If you are looking for drama on the big screen then this is a movie not to miss. The story has a number of twists in it but its still easy to follow. Watch out for the Directors, I don't think (hope) this will be their last feature film. I believe its won best film at two Film Festivals and had an second screening in Galway as the first one sold out. After seeing it on Thursday I can see why. This is not Spiderman but special effects are not needed when you have good solid actors such as Tara on the screen. A good story well told doesn't need special effects. Well done to all concerned.

Reviewed by chris-brown77 5 /10

Nice Try

There's nothing that I can point to as being at fault, but think it would've made a better TV adaptation than a full length feature. The setting and period were convincing, and one did get a sense of menace from the situation. The acting was fine. All in all though it just didn't really engage and take off. I never really reached the point of caring very much about the three central characters, and I can't say the acting was totally to blame. I feel the script could've been better, a lot more could've been made of the situation, it didn't lack drama, but didn't really live up to the possibilities, and seemed obvious at times. Its not a bad film, but not a great one either, hence the score.

Reviewed by bswifto 1 /10

i gave a generous 1 one star ...becaus you can't give 0 stars

with the budget they captured the irish landscape and the time beautifully in this film. recalling the hardships of well to do protestant sisters suffering in ireland in their huge mansion, shows the struggle the poor girls endured. also highlighting the famous friendliness of the black and tans in ireland. How utterly selfless the older sister was resulting in the death of three people. the best part of the movie was a brief appearance from the postman near the end.

An untold side of the Irish revolution, as told by someone who doesn't have a clue about it

i gave a generous 1 one star ...becaus you can't give 0 stars

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