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About Last Night


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Hot Tub Time Machine's Steve Pink directed this contemporary adaptation of David Mamet's play Sexual Perversity in Chicago, about two new couples who find that their sexually charged relationships may not have the substance to thrive in the cold, hard light of day..


Steve Pink

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Reviewed by lnvicta 7 /10

A romcom with some pizazz.

About Last Night is a very unique romantic comedy. And for a genre that's practically built around clichés, that's really saying something. It intertwines the romance and the comedy from different angles by showing two couples, both with polar opposite relationship dynamics. There are essentially four leads in this movie and they're all excellent, especially Hart and Hall. They're an absolute riot together. You can tell some of the stuff is improvised and they bounce off each other incredibly well, and you actually believe that these characters can fall in love.

The "normal" couple has the more romantic story, and sadly they're not nearly as fun as the crazy couple, but that's kind of the point. There are some heartfelt moments in there, and the witty writing helps a lot. Some plot lines in the movie are predictable, some are filler, but the movie as a whole is diverse and totally engaging. It's structured in a way that it jumps from season to season, showing the peaks and valleys of the two relationships and how the friendships between all four characters are affected by it. There is seldom a dull moment in About Last Night, and you can't say that about many romcoms.

What elevates this movie in particular, though, is Kevin Hart. He's absolutely hysterical. I would watch a full two hour movie of just his character, he's that good. This is more proof that Hart is a comedy genius (and this is coming from someone who doesn't care much for his standup); he just needs the right vehicle to showcase it completely. Here, he just isn't in it enough. I mean, he's in it a lot, but he's just so damn good you can't get enough. His chemistry with everyone is great, and it doesn't even feel like he's acting. Not to say the other actors aren't as good - they're great - but Hart (and his relationship with Hall) basically steals the movie.

About Last Night isn't the be all end all of romantic comedies, but it's different enough to separate it from the pack. It handles both the romance and the comedy with finesse (and plenty of vulgarity), and it features Kevin Hart unleashed. If you're a fan of his, this is a must-watch.

Reviewed by diac228 7 /10

Fully run by chemistry and four great leads, About Last Night is that rare remake that doesn't totally stink

About Last Night could have gone in two directions: Play it safe and make easy money like 2012's Think like a Man; or gamble the R rating, become more realistic, and resemble the likes of Best Man Holiday.

The gamble was taken, and the payoff is far better than expected. About Last Night finally allows Kevin Hart off the leash and the results are amazing. He also has a comedic rival in the female category with Regina Hall, who stands toe-to-toe with his insanity and doesn't back down. The end result is a romantic dramedy that despite lacking in laughs in favor of drama delivers an entertaining movie that will go down as one that took risks, just not enough of them.

The main risk was the well-earned yet respectably mature R rating. Your best movies about relationships usually tend to be those that do not shy away from the more mature subjects and aren't afraid of baring it all physically and emotionally. The Before Sunrise trilogy and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind are the better modern examples. About Last Night never exaggerates to earn the rating, instead exposes one-night stands, relationships, sex, emotional growth, and all the complications amongst these subjects with no red tape to stop it—ultimately establishing itself as a more mature film in its usual cinematic genre.

It wasn't just the honesty that gives About Last Night its edge above its usual contemporaries. It boasts a great (besides Bruno Mars' latest album) soundtrack that incorporates a healthy dosage of jazz and blues, employs a script with good dialogue, and is directed and edited nice and tight for that it never really overstays its welcome. Most importantly, the chemistry amongst the leads is off the charts. Regina Hall and Kevin Hart are nearly flawless together, as their banter and angry love provide the most laughs and some of the best moments in the movie. Not to be undone, the more dramatic relationship between Joy Bryant and Michael Ealy was very much believable and carried the emotional weight of the entire film.

What ultimately bogs down About Last Night is that it doesn't quite dig deep enough into the psyche of modern-day relationships. The 1980 version of About Last Night and the play that it's based on were both brutally realistic as well as critical of the time period and the views of relationships amongst the culture. With this version, we see the who, the what, and the where, but don't enough of the why. It lacks the subtle commentary like what we saw in Her, it lacks the explanation as to why it's become more difficult nowadays for marriages and long-lasting relationships to survive.

One of the quietly scary trends nowadays is the deterioration of the American marriage, especially amongst minorities like Hispanics and Blacks. This movie could have broken even more ground if this had been explored and expanded upon the concept of Sexual Perversion in Chicago, the original stage play. The play is 40 years old, maybe its time for an update?

Mediocre movies remain in shallow waters. Riskier movies swim deeper. And the best of the best fully dive in and risk all the consequences. About Last Night lands somewhere in the middle, but nonetheless is an entertaining movie with good performances and good chemistry. This movie will not embed itself in romantic drama history, but will leave a nice impression throughout the year—especially from rising star Kevin Hart and the underrated talent of Regina Hall, Joy Bryant, and Michael Ealy.

Reviewed by naregian 6 /10

Expect it to be average and you'll like it.

Kevin Hart's level of comedy is one you either get or you don't get. If you don't get it, then you'll still like this film because he isn't really the central character. This movie is written as a romantic comedy, but I saw much more romantic than comedy, but was funny enough nonetheless.

Let's talk about what I liked. I liked Michael Ealy's effortless charm and his chemistry with actress Joy Bryant. I liked Regina Hall and Kevin Hart in their ridiculously dysfunctional relationship. I liked the directing, because in some scenes, the seemingly "awkward" or "different" camera angles that my girlfriend was complaining about were actually very artistic and well done. I liked the soundtrack as well.

The only off-putting feature of this movie is that Kevin Hart's acting seems almost nonexistent. The guy is just playing himself in every film. I seriously think the guy doesn't even know he's an actor.

If you watch his stand up specials, and then a few of his very early film appearances, he seems to incorporate a level of acting. Up until his film breakout in Think Like A Man, not too many people knew of him. Now, a household name, he reaps in the benefits of being a funny man.

Throughout the film, it actually just felt like Kevin Hart was just talking to a bunch of actors. Not often did I feel like I was watching a movie. Over time, through multiple viewings of Kevin Hart's works, it seems to get repetitive and unfunny.

A good movie for the romantic yet predictable story between Michael Ealy's character and Joy Bryant's.

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