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Age of Ice


Action / Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller



When sudden and massive earthquakes open the Arabian tectonic plate, the result is unstable weather and freezing temperatures that will be unsurvivable by nightfall. Attempting to reach safety, a vacationing American family in Egypt, the Jones', must battle the rapidly cooling temperatures that usher in a new Ice Age, covering the Sphinx, Pyramids, and Sahara Desert with mountains of snow.


Emile Edwin Smith


Barton Bund
as Jack Jones
Bailey Spry
as Amber Jones
Joe Cipriano
as Dylan Jones
Jules Hartley
as Diane Jones
Yaron Urbas
as Capt. Kawar

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by omelette-567-92656 1 /10

So bad it's good!

I have always been somewhat skeptical of the IMDb ratings, and have watched many 5-6 star IMDb-rated movies that have proved excellent. So I was doubtful that WOI was really as bad as the 2.5 stars suggested - boy, was I wrong! This really is a stinker, the worst movie I have ever seen in fact. The people that are bitching about the cheesy CGI really need to focus on what matters - the best special-effects in the world count for nothing if the film has a plot, script and actors not worth a damn! The script is so bad that I'm wondering if this is not some kind of inside-joke as others have suggested. Having watched the entire thing, I could pull the script apart line-by-line, but for what - suffice it to say that whoever was responsible seems to have suffered from attention-deficit-disorder.

This movie is so bad, it's in fact a gem of sorts - more people should have done themselves a favor and watched it in it's entirety - after all, without being familiar with what's truly bad, you fail to appreciate the really great films to the fullest extent.

Reviewed by jvanrensburg 1 /10

Worst movie in history

It is definitely the worst movie I ever watched. I see better actors in the streets of Cape town trying to sell flowers than this lot. My TV games are more realistic. If I must say one thing positive about this, it's that the young lady in the movie that plays the daughter is the best actor in the movie. I think she has talent, but is actually sad that she acted in this crappy film. There is not much more to say about it.

The father is clueless, the mother is stupid, the son is a creation from the devil and the daughter is just there to fill the gaps of stupidity. The rest of the actors is support for this family with no real purpose. Its too unbelievable to be funny. I have never made a film review or any review, but I had to search for a way to warn people against this film. It is really super bad. To sum it all up I would say its the worst film of all time.

Reviewed by yazeed-182-175803 1 /10

Please Do Something else with your time

This movie does not have a story, very weak acting and low budget. If you have anything else to do ( water your plants, mow your yard, run errands) , please do it, even if you have been putting something off for a long time, do it and don't waste your time or your money with this movie. If there is a rating lower than a (B) movie category, this should be in the bottom of the list. the best description of this movie is a high school drama and film class project. all events in the movie don't make any sense, the timing in the movie between scenes is out of logic and sync. I think the director or the writer does not know geography very well to know the distance between two countries and within the country in relationship to the anomaly in the movie.

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