Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (2014) torrent download

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


Action / Comedy / Family



For 12 year old Alexander Cooper, everyday is a bad day. And his family thinks he's being silly because they never have a bad day. On the day before his 12th birthday party, he learns that another boy is having a party of his own and everyone is going to it. And another kid punks him online. So at midnight of his birthday, he wishes that his whole family can have a bad day. And things for the whole family go bad, his mom's car is broken so they have to share a car, his sister has a cold and has to go on stage, his older brother, who's hoping to get his driver's license and to bring his girlfriend to the prom, has to deal with his girlfriend's snootiness and fails to get his license, his mom has a crisis at work which could cost her her job, and his dad who has a job interview has to bring his younger brother with him but because his pacifier is broken he can't stop crying. Alex feels responsible.


Miguel Arteta


Ed Oxenbould
as Alexander Cooper
Steve Carell
as Ben Cooper
Jennifer Garner
as Kelly Cooper
Dylan Minnette
as Anthony Cooper
Kerris Dorsey
as Emily Cooper
Elise Vargas
as Baby Trevor
Zoey Vargas
as Baby Trevor

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dylanrichman 7 /10

Normal movie

Good movie. The reason I'd give this a 7 out of ten is because at the beginning it was ok nothing happening that much much but in the end all the drama came into it. There's a valuable lesson in this about that bad days can turn into good days

Reviewed by CabbageCustard 8 /10

Good, clean family fun.

There's not really a lot that needs to be said about this movie. It is just a lot of fun and both kids and adults will find plenty to make them chuckle. There's plenty of 'slapstick' humor for the kids but it's all done so cleverly that adults will enjoy this movie just as much. An excellent cast of savvy adults and precocious kids work well together to portray a family that anyone would love to be a part of. The things that happen to them to make this, at first glance, one of the worst days ever will bring a smile to your face. It only goes for 81 minutes too, so littlies won't get bored and it doesn't overstay its welcome. See it.

Reviewed by miguelcorreia93 5 /10

Simple movie for the family on a Sunday!

The reason I give this a 5 out of 10 is that this movie is a good one for the kids. A movie with a simple lesson to accept the bad days and enjoy every good one. To be more positive.

About the movie out of my point of view? Well, not that awesome, but you can't expect a lot of this kind of movies. Steve Carell didn't perform at his best, that is obvious, but that wasn't even necessary.

After all, this whole movie was from the point of view of Alexander. Of course they did choose to make it a little childish. I believe the acting was also based on the viewer to be around 5 - 10 years old. Some simple jokes, not a lot of jokes where to use the brain, but more of the eyes.

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