Alien Outpost (2014) torrent download

Alien Outpost


Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller



A documentary crew follows an elite unit of soldiers in the wake of an alien invasion.


Jabbar Raisani

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by equazcion 8 /10

Good movie, if you're not expecting a genre flick

I kept having to double-check whether the IMDb rating I was seeing was for the right movie.

This movie is good. It doesn't even look low-budget, if you ask me. The production values, the sets, the props and effects, and even the acting are all pretty well up there in quality and are actually above-par for an indie flick. In fact, the only clue I can see for this even being an independent film is the lack of celebrity actors. Plop a couple famous faces in here and I think anyone would be hard-pressed to tell the difference from a Hollywood production.

The only explanation I can see for the poor ratings is that people were expecting a sci-fi flick and are judging the movie's compliance with that expectation. I've seen this phenomenon before, and it's sad, because good movies end up without the recognition they deserve.

This is actually a good movie, in nearly every way. It's basically a war movie with a touch of sci-fi, and in that regard it's actually rather exceptional. It's well-written and well-acted, with convincing combat, and an interesting and original story. It's my hope that people disregard the low ratings and give movies like this a shot anyway.

Reviewed by jager-marc 8 /10

Most underrated film yet

I'm truly grateful my instincts served me. The trailers were not great and the IMDb ratings for this film were awful... but I watched it anyway. IT WAS GREAT. No criticisms at all. I guess if you think 'hollywood nonsense' all flash no story makes a great movie, then this isn't for you.

If you liked movies like District 9, then this will be right up your alley.

Great characters, great story, great cinematography, great effects and great action!

I hardly EVER write reviews but just HAD to to try to make up for the poor reviews by idiots who have no idea...

Reviewed by andersdalsgaard 8 /10

It's a good waste of time

This movie deserves so much more attention and praise than it have gotten. You need to give this movie a chance, the acting is good. The story although slow to begin with is very engaging and well written. I have heard people say that the special effects are cheep, but honestly i have no idea where they get it from, first of all there aren't that many and the ones that are there looks perfectly fine.

Regarding the story, its feels like what a sequel to "Battle Los Angeles"could have been. So if you liked that movie, i guarantee you will like this one, even if you like "war/conflict" movies you will like it, if you like sci-fi you will like it.

I personally really enjoy these movies that come in from the side lines, having not been over hyped or expected for 6 months, and then out of no where it will provide you with an hour and 45 minutes of very well made entertainment.

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