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All Creatures Big and Small


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy



It's the end of the world. A flood is coming. Luckily for Dave and his son Finny, a couple of clumsy Nestrians, an Ark has been built to save all animals. But as it turns out, Nestrians aren't allowed. Sneaking on board with the involuntary help of Hazel and her daughter Leah, two Grymps, they think they're safe. Until the curious kids fall off the Ark. Now Finny and Leah struggle to survive the flood and hungry predators and attempt to reach the top of a mountain, while Dave and Hazel must put aside their differences, turn the Ark around and save their kids. It's definitely not going to be smooth sailing.


Toby Genkel


Dermot Magennis
as Dave / Mr. Griffin / Prairie Dog (voice)
Callum Maloney
as Finny (voice)
Tara Flynn
as Hazel (voice)
Paul Tylak
as Obesey / Stayput / Chimpanzee (voice)
Alan Stanford
as Lion (voice)
Aileen Mythen
as Mrs. Griffin / Flamingo / Mrs. Guard / Margaret (voice)

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bluecatcinema 8 /10

Something to see on a rainy day

I don't usually watch dubbed foreign animation, but something about this film appealed to me, not to mention I had a free morning and money to spare, so I went to see it. It turned out better than I thought.

As the biblical flood nears, the father and son "Nestrian" pair Dave and Finny board Noah's ark alongside the "Grymps" Hazel and Leah. Unfortunately, Finny and Leah get left behind, and struggle to survive as the flood waters rise higher. At the same time, Dave and Hazel try their best to find their kids.

This film isn't exactly an epic tale, but it has its moments. There are a number of pop culture references, and a few jokes that genuinely made me laugh out loud. The story of the friendly Finny and the grumpy Leah going on a journey together isn't exactly a unique plot, but it at least makes the "opposites stuck together" shtick work, with additional comedy relief provided by the humongous Obesey and his chatty parasite, Stayput.

What stood out the most for me was the surprise reveal near the end. I won't spoil anything for anyone, but I will say I was genuinely impressed. It may seem a little contrived for some, but if you look back over the course of the movie, there are actually a few clues dotted about. It was actually quite clever, and not something I saw coming.

So, in short, is Two By Two a classic, blockbuster epic? No. But it has its own unique charm, and I can think of much worse ways to spend an hour and a half than watching this movie. Like the Ark itself, it manages to stay afloat.

Reviewed by gattot 8 /10

A Solid Animated Movie

After seeing some of the negative reviews for this movie I just had to submit a positive one because this is a good movie. If you are in the mood for a fun animated film, it is definitely worth a watch. This is far from "Your Standard Religious Ark Story" Anyone that believes this 100% did not watch the film. There is 1 mention of Noah, and then its just animal antics on a boat. Some of the jokes are predictable and the writing does feel standard, but there are more genuinely funny moments and surprisingly heart felt ones as well. You might watch the trailer and think this is a low-tier animated attempt, but if you sit down and watch it you will be surprised

Reviewed by kosmasp 5 /10

Positive viewing

I have to admit I was surprised when I watched this, because I didn't think it would be as entertaining as it was. Obviously if you take the technical aspect of it, this seems light years away from current Pixar or other animated movies. But when it comes to the comedy and characters it's not half as bad.

Still the standard is high and movies are not only audio, but also how the visual might affect your movie experience. Very small kids may not mind, but teens surely will have an issue and won't understand the problems with making a movie on a budget. Having said that, you should give this movie a chance. Try to see more than just the obvious and you'll have fun

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