Almost Human (2013) torrent download

Almost Human


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller



Mark Fisher disappeared from his home in a brilliant flash of blue light almost 2 years ago. His friend Seth Hampton was the last to see him alive. Now a string of grisly, violent murders leads Seth to believe that Mark is back, and something evil is inside of him.


Joe Begos


Graham Skipper
as Seth Hampton
Josh Ethier
as Mark Fisher
Vanessa Leigh
as Jen Craven
Anthony Amaral III
as Clyde Dutton
Jeremy Furtado
as Gas Station Customer

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by okg-11122 7 /10

Stupid but amazing, not gory as I expected it to be

This movie was decent and like all movies that have a low budget they try to make up for that with blood. In this case it kinda worked. The story is basically about a guy named mark who gets abducted and comes back a couple years later as a alien.

It's one of the movies that include many type of thing like a combination of the body snatchers and splinter. I admit that the story line wasn't that bad and even though I expected more gore ( even though it's pretty gory) it was an okay movie. Some people would rate it lower them only reason why I didn't rate it lower was because I expected a stupid movie. It's one of those movies that tries every way to be as gory as possible to entertain the viewer. The affects were okay the blood was good the alien tongue that mark has looks really fake but it's okay. And of course many people die and the movie ends like most movie ends with something else that might happen. All and all its an okay movie to watch if you like those type of things that I listed above but it one of those movies that you could laugh while you watch with your friends.

Reviewed by moviefansme 5 /10

Mark is back, let the killing begin

Nothing subtle occurs in this movie. It starts in a rush, resets for the opening credits, and then the killing spree begins (with a little pro forma explanation from Seth along the way). Seth and Jen don't remember what happened the night Mark disappeared, but they know it feels really weird, and now two years later they're feeling weird again. While they're feeling weird, Mark is back and killing everyone he runs across.

The story is quite linear, without an ounce of nuance: Mark disappears, he's back, and Seth and Jen are on a collision course with Mark. There's lots of bloody gunshots, stabbings, and other gruesome action. The action is good, more brutal than scary, though the director certainly wanted a bigger special effects budget to show the violence more explicitly. When Mark attacks Jen, there's a jump-the-shark development where the attack gets especially weird. There's not much character development, the acting is pretty wooden, no grander themes or allegory, no subplots or side characters--just a straightforward story with lots of brutal action. (And one rather comical scene: How long does it take to load a rifle?!) The movie is as entertaining as a car crash, just don't expect any deeper meaning.

Reviewed by Gregburnscds 4 /10

Aliens and Gore and Bad Actors, oh my!

This film was clearly made by people who overreached their abilities. It boasts some pretty effective special effects, but that's about it. Being indie shouldn't equate to horrible writing and horrendous actors that feel like they're just friends with the director.

A word of advice: details. Focus on the details. It's the subtle details that can elevate a horrible executed film like this above some of the basic indie horror fare. There's more to horror than a killer on the loose and gory deaths. Take the time to hone the dialogue, even if you don't really care about the characters, don't just have people say things like "Something isn't right, I just feel it" for no reason other than you think it adds suspense. Don't have characters ramble on in scenes when they can't act to save their lives. You may be trying to pay homage, but the execution is off--watch those films again, and even though they can be pretty bad there's a charm that your film doesn't possess. If you want to make an 80s film, then go all out and make an 80s film, camera angles, bad acting, and all.

But kudos on the effects.

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