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Almost Married


Action / Comedy



When Kyle returns from his stag-do with a sexually transmitted disease, he's left unable to have sex with his fiancée Lydia in the run-up to their wedding.


Ben Cookson

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Reviewed by justin-141-697592 8 /10

Never judge a film by it's cover

Almost Married had been on my list of films my wife and I would one day get round to watching. I off course was judging the film poster and the trailer, expecting a typical narrative of a young couple about to get married, have a crisis, resolve it, and live happily ever after. I was so wrong! Director Ben Cookson film is a refreshing surprise. It is funny, but dig deeper and issues, of dishonesty, lies, deceit, and betrayal bubble to the surface.The film feels like an observational documentary, raw unrehearsed with a surprising ending. My wife and I enjoyed the story line and the friendship between Kyle and Javis. You only need to look at Kyle's expression at the very end to know the truth.

Almost Married is a good investment of your time... so don't miss it!

Reviewed by bjarias 8 /10

..sometime it takes a second time

If you've watched this film and given it a low viewer rating score, just go back and watch the last 15-20 minutes or so again. Because that's the heart of the film.. that and the scene where his close friend reveals to him what ultimately becomes the damning confession when linked with the ending. It's a pretty darned good little film. Maybe lots of viewers would want to be the 'fly on the wall' and see what transpires shortly thereafter.. I know I would. There's lots left to a thought process that takes place off-screen in this film. It's not always the most entertaining of methods to put forth to the viewing audience.. but it can at times be very effective. Watch the film again.. then decide how you ultimately feel about it.

Reviewed by l_rawjalaurence 7 /10

Serio-Comic Analysis of British Masculinities

In terms of plot, ALMOST MARRIED recalls early Seventies efforts such as PERCY'S PROGRESS (1974) in its almost relentless obsession with the penis. The basic framework is straightforward: Kyle (Philip McGinley) is reluctant to go through with his marriage to fiancée Lydia (Emily Attack) in the belief that he has contracted a sexually transmitted disease. After a picaresque series of adventures, including a dash up to Newcastle to visit its brothels, he discovers that he is perfectly healthy, and that the disease has originated from somewhere else.

Ben Cookson's film contains a relentless stream of bawdy jokes, allied to a peculiarly British modesty when it comes to talking about sexual matters. While Kyle and his best friend Jarvis (Mark Stobart) are perfectly happy to dream up increasingly ludicrous methods of overcoming Kyle's problem in the pub over several pints of lager, they are obviously ill-at-ease when they visit the sexual health clinic. At one point Jarvis shouts out "I'm not gay!" to all and sundry, even though he has accompanied Kyle to the hospital. Kyle himself finds it very difficult to talk to the doctor (Val McLane): Cookson's camera focuses on his increasingly troubled countenance as he tries to tell the truth about his sexual past.

The film also depicts the fragility of male bonding: the only way in which Kyle, Jarvis and their mates can get on is to make jokes at one another's expense. Being serious is considered 'weak' - especially at the pub. The only time when Kyle can face up to his dilemma is when he has broken free of Jarvis and set out on his own to confront Lydia with what he thinks is the truth about what happened. ALMOST MARRIED ends with a freeze-frame of him leaving Lydia's house and setting out on his own - for the first time, he understands that he does not need his mates' support to survive.

Set in an unspecified northern town, ALMOST MARRIED has a strong sense of place, as it contrasts the respectable streets of suburban houses with the seedy bars and brothels where Jarvis and Kyle hang out. It is almost as if they are apprehensive about appearing too 'normal' - i.e. ready to settle down and enjoy married life - in case it infringes on their masculine self-images. McGinley delivers a convincing characterization of Kyle, who tries to sustain a laddish image while trying to reflect on his past and future life.

ALMOST MARRIED treads familiar thematic ground, but it does so in a refreshingly unsentimental way.

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