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America's Most Haunted


Action / Comedy / Horror



The crew of a popular ghost hunting show gets more than they bargained for when they come across a location that's actually haunted.


Chris Randall

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Reviewed by smakar 7 /10

What A Pleasant Surprise!!!

Ii never fails - movies that I purchase for download from Amazon turn out to be utter garbage which I cannot delete from my system quick enough (Skyline being the latest).

Along comes America's Most Haunted, and I decide to be prudent, so I rent the movie instead of purchase. And after watching it, I will also purchase it, for this is a movie that I can see watching every so often.

First of all, this is NOT a horror movie - it's a horror comedy, along the lines of Ghostbusters, although by no means as high-budgeted or with such famous actors.

Still, I found America's Most Haunted to be extremely entertaining, with characters I actually cared about, and although the plot was simple, it still kept my attention throughout.

The production was outstanding! The film looked great, the sound was clear, the music added the right mood, and the special effects were perfect given the subject matter.

Another pleasant surprise was how restrained the language was (something all too rare now-a-days).

I highly recommend this film if you're looking for light entertainment and have a desire to feel good when the movie is finished!

Reviewed by jackstupidjack 7 /10

Enjoyable little parody of those paranormal shows

What a pleasant surprise this little film was. A nice, well acted horror/comedy even with one or two good (if mild) jumpy/spooky moments. The acting is of a good quality well carried off by the cast. After some of the incredible nonsense I've seen of late, this came as a real breath of fresh air. Most of all I'd say it is a clever, subtle parody of the many nonsensical 'Ghost Hunters'type shows which infest the airwaves yet prove nothing. The over all premise is that of a crew of vain, arrogant paranormal TV researchers who are shameless fakers and disbelievers who find themselves in a really haunted location with no idea how to deal with their situation. A fine piece of work from all involved.

Reviewed by begob 5 /10

Scrappy Doo

Bogus ghost hunters find ... a ghost.

Nice idea, plenty of humour packed into the concept. But the production is a bit sparse and needs all the music to keep things lively - problem is there's too much musics, so the atmosphere is Scooby Doos all the ways. In the end I suppose it's a mild satire on film making.

And too many characters - I'm sure a couple of the guys could have been folded into one, and the girl wasn't given much to do.

Acting is even, but the old timer is the only convincing one.

Camera-work nothing special, with too much reliance on overlays for special effects.

Overall, fairly engaging - and I did like the ironic ending.

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