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Analyze This


Action / Comedy / Crime



Living in the shadow of his famous psychiatrist father, with multiple issues to deal with while getting ready to remarry, the New York City psychologist, Dr Ben Sobel, has one more problem to take care of, after a fender bender with the powerful mob boss, Paul Vitti. Secretly suffering from intense anxiety attacks that render him incapable of doing what he is best at, the notorious gangster decides to pay the good doctor a visit, hell-bent on resolving his deep-seated issues before the annual meeting of Big Apple's Mafia Dons. Now, Ben has a pressing two-week deadline to come up with an effective solution, as his conflicted but dangerous patient takes no for an answer. Can Ben analyse this?


Harold Ramis


Robert De Niro
as Paul Vitti
Billy Crystal
as Dr. Ben Sobel
Lisa Kudrow
as Laura MacNamara Sobel
Chazz Palminteri
as Primo Sidone
Molly Shannon
as Caroline
Kresh Novakovic
as '50s Gangster

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jhclues 10 /10

De Niro And Crystal Are Good. Yes...Yes They ARE

Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal square off in `Analyze This,' a satirical look at `family' life from director Harold Ramis. After witnessing a hit on a colleague outside a restaurant (and narrowly escaping the same fate himself, thanks to the need of a toothpick), mob boss Paul Vitti (De Niro) finds himself overcome with panic attacks. He sweats, cries at the drop of a hat, and can't breathe. With a vital meeting only two weeks away, he realizes he needs help, quickly, and sends one of his men, Jelly (Joe Viterelli), in search of a `shrink.' Coincidentally, Jelly has just been rear-ended in traffic by Dr. Ben Sobol (Crystal), who just happens to be a psychiatrist. And Jelly has his business card. Unable to discourage the adamant Vitti, Sobol acquiesces and agrees to treat him exclusively for two weeks, though he is less than enthusiastic about being pressed into the service of a well-known criminal; even less enthused, however, is his fiancee, Laura (Lisa Kudrow). The ensuing repartee between Vitti and Sobol, served up with snappy dialogue and impeccable timing, takes this comedy, artistically and otherwise, to the highest level. De Niro and Crystal are absolutely outstanding, infusing their characters with every possible nuance, while successfully avoiding the stereotypes that lesser actors may have relied upon here. The two play so well off of one another that the humor virtually seems to explode spontaneously. All the while, the likable Kudrow more than holds her own with her co-stars, proving, unequivocally, that there is so much more to her than just being a great `Friend.' Credit must go to Ramis, as well, for keeping things on an even keel throughout. There's funny scenes aplenty in this film, especially the ones in which the loyal but somewhat thick-headed thug, Jelly, or the winsome Laura take part. The most memorable, though, is one in which Dr. Sobol dreams that he is Don Vito Corleone in the movie `The Godfather,' when he is shot while buying some fruit. This is parody at its finest. Written by Ramis, Ken Lonergan and Peter Tolan, and with a supporting cast that includes Chazz Palminteri (Primo), Richard C. Castellano (Jimmy), Kyle Sabihy (Ben's son, Michael) , Molly Shannon (Caroline) and Elizabeth Bracco (Marie Vitti), `Analyze This' will keep you laughing and `doing lines' (`'re good, yes, you are...yes, you are!') long after the credits have faded from the screen. I rate this one 10/10.

Reviewed by beruska-m 10 /10

This is a must-see, light-hearted and ever so funny movie which will lift your spirit up

I don't even know where to start. I don't want to tell you much about this film because I don't want to spoil it for you by giving you account of the funny scenes. Moreover, that would be quite impossible anyway as the film is simply funny all the way through. Sure I have my favourite scenes, one in particular, which make me laugh just thinking about them. Seriously, this is a comedy with a great story and many laughs. As a matter of fact, I really laughed all the way through, from start to finish.

I want to recommend you to lighten up and simply relax when you decide to watch it. Let go of any expectations or judgements. Simply watch and let the movie entertain you. It might seem as an obvious thing to do but it is easy to slip into that judgemental and critical feeling however subtle it might be, which will spoil any movie for you not just this one.

I highly recommend this movie if you want to lift you spirit up for whatever reason as this movie will do it for you. It is my favourite and I do hope that it will be your favourite too.

Reviewed by jmkray 10 /10

Super Interplay

The dynamic between De Niro and Crystal is fantastic. This film has so many nearly hidden punch lines that it is amazing. One of the best is Dr. Sobel's line when he walks into his home and sees the FBI he says,"...obsessive compulsive disorder?" and they say "Organized Crime Division!" Perfect. It shows how Dr. Sobel is so "outside" the entire context of the lifestyle of his patient. The most telling line is when he says..."What is my job make you a well-adjusted criminal?" Well done film. Has more meaning than meets the eye.

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